7 Bad Habits

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Skin care products anti-aging are already sold in the market. However, if you keep doing the bad habits, any expensive anti-aging products you are, it will not give significant results.

Looks are not just about the old wrinkled face it, energy is also a decrease in the signs of aging you are experiencing. There are some daily habits that could actually cause you to look older than their actual age. Here are seven bad habits quoted Sheknows.

1. Overeat

Eating too much of course a negative impact on the body, it is also true when eating too many fruits and vegetables. Not only adds weight, you can be exposed to the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Better watch your intake of calories and fat in the body. If exercise is not your choice, these tips could be an option to keep the body slim.

2. Staring at the screen too long

Are you among those who like to linger watching television, playing video games or working at the computer? Be careful, some of these things have a devastating effect on vision (more squint your eyes when meilihat to the computer screen), weight (too much sitting is not burning calories) and the brain (the need for active stimulation to the brain to prevent degeneration). Therefore, limiting the amount of use of a computer or television right now, you will soon see the difference.

3. Stress

Stress has a negative impact on all aspects of health. From the efficiency of the heart rate to how your brain reacts to certain situations. How to avoid stress is to dare to say no. Most of the stress comes from your inability to make a decision. Face a gloomy and dull when stress makes you look older than their actual age.

4. Lack of frequency of sex

For you married couples, sex life healthy and active is key to maintaining youthful energy. one study found that sex is proven to reduce stress, boost the immune system, reduce pain and improve heart strength.

5. Portable music player

Advances in technology wherever possible it is you listen to music. However, do you know the headset to listen to music too often can cause damage to the quality of the hearing. There is no single thing that makes you feel older than realizing that your hearing is not optimal anymore. Should limit the use of a headset and keep music volume at a comfortable level and secure.

6. Lack of spirit

7. Lazy

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