7 Bizarre Items Collection In The World

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Every person must have a product that is considered valuable and have always wanted to take care of and look after. It becomes unnatural when the goods are collected bahka reach hundreds of thousands more. Listing 7 is a collection of the strangest in the world.

Collection 1

7 Bizarre Items Collection In The World
Dimistris Pistiolas, Athens, Greece. It has a collection of film cameras in the world, this camera personal property, Gan. C Dimitris has 937 vintage cameras and also have a projector.

Collection 2

7 Bizarre Items Collection In The WorldOriginally these Chinese people, Wang Guohua, has since 2003 collected a pack of cigarettes, Gan. He nyimpen his pack of cigarettes in a room in the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China. The collection now dah more than 30,000 packs include more than 100 production areas, and more than 10 countries.

Collection 3

7 Bizarre Items Collection In The World
Well, if which is already entered a world record Guines Record Book in 2010, the issue of Gamers. Lisa Courtney collecting trinkets related to Pokemon. Ga half-hearted, Gan. He's got 12,113 pieces of bodies.

Collection 4

7 Bizarre Items Collection In The WorldThis picture was taken in the basement of a collector, Ron Hood, who was in the Lewiston area. This guy ngoleksi PEZ (candy container) ama merchandise. He currently only has 3000 PEZ, arguably still small.

Collection 5

7 Bizarre Items Collection In The WorldA farmer, Heinrich Kath, showed some form of collection cups Beer, numbering over 20,000, Gan. He lives in Cuxhaven, Germany. Which oddly enough, this person did not drink beer but she likes collecting beer cups (mugs) since 1997.

Collection 6

7 Bizarre Items Collection In The WorldGuinness Record Books are very familiar with this person, Pam Barker from Leeds. He is the record holder for the owl collector's item by the number of more than 18,000

Collection 7

7 Bizarre Items Collection In The World

Sharon Bladgey collecting dolls santa claus 6000. So it took 3 weeks to get him eligible to appear on the site.

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