7 Causes of Male Infertility So

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Infertility or fertility problems is not just a problem of women but also men. There are several factors that can cause fertility problems in men can cause infertility. What is it? In the last 50 years, male fertility is expected to have declined by about 2 percent per year. Most fertility problems in men is caused by lifestyle choices are wrong. Experts reveal that when a couple is infertile, the third is caused by women, is caused by a third of men and a third can be caused by both. Causes of infertility in men can be caused by genetics, but there are also related to lifestyle.

1. Genetic Disorders

A genetic mutation can eliminate layers of carbohydrates around sperm thereby reducing mobility. If the two men inherited a genetic mutation from the mother and father, then this condition will make it difficult to impregnate a partner.

2. Alcohol abuse

The man who became an alcoholic will have normal cells that are 30 percent less in the semen.

3. Sexual Problems

Some sexual disorders owned by men such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction can make it difficult man to fertilize the female egg.

4. Smoke

One of the biggest negative impact that may be felt by men smokers were sperm motility.

5. Exposure to toxic substances

Frequent exposure to toxic substances such as those contained in pesticides or lead paint can damage sperm.

6. Use marijuana or other drugs

Men who use drugs such as marijuana or other can reduce the total number of sperm and semen volume than it has.

7. Often assuming the laptop

If you are using a laptop, you should put on the table or use the coating, since assuming the laptop can raise the temperature in the scrotum that affect the quality of sperm.

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