7 Countries in The World is Not Known

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In this hemisphere divided into several continents and there are so many countries. No country kacanggihan popular name because the technology or because of an interest of the nation and the people to visit the country. sealin many famous countries known to many people, there is also an advanced but little alien and his name is not widely known. below will be described one by one of the 7 States that are Famous in the World.

1. Vanuatu

90% of households consume fish Vanuatu people, and 80% live in rural, isolated villages with their own gardens and food supplies. Scuba diving is a very popular tourist attraction here. Tsunami is not a rare thing in Vanuatu, and earthquakes have a negative impact on the country's economy.

2. Nauru

The country is a former colony of the German Empire, Nauru is also known as Pleasant Island of the South Pacific. The people here collect rainwater during the rainy season between November and February, as they are very limited in fresh water. The most popular sport in the country is Australian rules football, and they have a football league with seven teams.

3. Tuvalu

Tuvalu is a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. They have no regular military forces, and spend money on defense. Tuvalu is the fourth smallest country in the world ranking. The first inhabitants of this country are the people of Polynesia.

4. Comoros

Comoros is African island nation in the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar. The island is a French colony, there are about 300,000 Comorians live in France, and 98% of them are Muslim.

5. Guernsey

Guernsey is under the responsibility of the United Kingdom, but they are not counted as part of the UK and the European Union. Located on the English Channel coast of Normandy. They have complete autonomy over internal affairs, and they were discussing total independence from the British Empire.

6. Isle of Man

Isle of Man, also known as Mann, is a self-governing British Crown Dependency named, with locations in the Irish Sea between the island of Great Britain and Ireland. They are not part of the EU. Isle of Man to get the economy based on tourism and offshore banking. The island has been inhabited since before 6500 BC.

7. Tokelau

Name comes from the Polynesian Tokelau meaning "north wind". The island has no self-government has the smallest economy of any country in the world, it makes them almost entirely dependent on the subsidies from New Zealand. 96% of the population are Christians, and 57% of whom are women.

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