7 Scariest Creature in the World

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Believe it or not the following will be explained about 7 Scariest Creature in the World. And yet we as a faithful servant of God should fear only Him alone.

1. Goat Man (Goatman)

7 Scariest Creature in the World
The creature is described as a terrible beast hybrid of two different characters, human and goat, with a typical horned, hoofed, and other creepy appearance. Eyewitnesses said that the devil is not a figment of external mythology, but a living, breathing, flesh and blood. This creature can not be underestimated. First official report from 1957, when eyewitnesses reported seeing a hairy monster, horned around Forestville and Upper Marlboro in Prince George's County.

2. Canvey Island Monster

7 Scariest Creature in the World
Canvey Island Monster is the name given to a strange creature whose carcass washed up on Canvey island, England in 1954. when found, the creature is reported to have a length of 76 cm with red-brown skin, bulging eyes, and have some gills. These creatures also have a five-foot horseshoe-shaped so add this one ferocious creature

3. Sigbin

Sigbin is a creature from the Philippines who came out at night to suck the blood of their victims.

 4. Lizard Man (Lizardman)

This one is creepy creatures first appeared in 1988, and the last sighting was discovered in 2008. The creature was described as having a tail length of 7 feet and 2 inches, bipedal, strong posture, green skin and glowing red eyes.

5. Owl Man (Owlman)

The creature was first discovered in 1976 in Mawnan, Corwall. These creatures often appear around the church. until 1995, owl-like creature is still often seen that makes people scared.

6. Monster Flatwoods (Flatwoods Monster)

7 Creatures Terseram In The World
Allegedly that's scary creatures of extraterrestrial origin that first appeared on September 12, 1952 in Flatwood. Named monster Flatwood because these creatures only appear in the town of Flatwood, in Braxton County, West Virginia. According to reports, the creature is very large, reaching 10 feet tall, his body green and red light emitting face.

 7. Dover Demon

7 Creatures Terseram In The World
This creature shows itself three times in separate occasions in the town of Dover, Massachusetts, on 21 to 22 April 1977. Based on its appearance, this creepy creatures thought to be alien or at least the result of crossbreeding experiments of human and alien failed. sightings of this creature has a disproportionate body, melon-shaped head, glowing red eyes, arms and legs are very long and skinny. Do not have any hair piece, skin looks like the surface of the sand. in addition, these creatures are also depicted not have a nose, mouth, also terlinga.

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