7 Favorite Cartoon In Indonesia

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Cartoons is one event that much-loved television series of the children. not only in Indonesia, in the world is already a Courant Cartoon spectacle that counts. below will be presented 7 Favorite Cartoon In Indonesia.

1. Detektif Conan

Anime adaptation of the manga of the same name proved very popular in Indonesia, but according to Google, the photos Conan the TV version just downloaded a billion times. His own version of the TV is also very popular in Indonesia, although this anime aired sometimes there sometimes not.

2. Crayon Sinchan

Anime is super hilarious awaited by the people of Indonesia. Evidently, this cartoon is a cartoon Indonesia's second oldest (after Doraemon) ever aired on Indonesian television to date. Story Sinchan and friends and family proved very entertaining, and can be viewed by anyone.

3. Naruto

This is it! The new anime airing diTV few years but getting tremendous response. Although often repeated many times, but still the anime Naruto throughout Indonesia to date, and second overall cartoon (after SpongeBob Squarepants). The story of Naruto and his friends is told very unique, so are becoming very popular among the people of Indonesia.

4. Upin and Ipin

Surely you know upin-ipin right? Ya! This cartoon is owned by Malaysia but Malaysia is very thick dialect of the sisters duo very popular. All his merchandise sells, ranging from movies, posters, toys, until his ringtone! Although sometimes it's rather corny, but humor "managed" switch on this one cartoon.

5. Tom and Jerry

Who does not know Tom and Jerry? Ya! The story is about two friends rats and cats we, who daily kerjaannya just chasing and attacking each other and sometimes both animals get along and work together well, because it proved that this cartoon became a favorite with all ages.

6. Doraemon

You must know doraemon? Ya! Doraemon cartoon where can issue all kinds of objects kantongnnya, Although there is no ending, but the cartoon is "able" to "hold us over" from other activities as seen on TV. Do not believe? Please prove. Doraemon is a anime / cartoons that aired on TV longest Indonesia, since the 1980's. However, in the end, Doraemon must "surrender" came second.


Ya! These cartoons in Indonesia to date. Almost all respondents liked and loved this animation. Stories about Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward and his friends is very popular around the world, including Indonesia. Animation is a very neat and great commendation, can be neatly arranged in a cartoon with a median duration of 10 minutes.

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