7 For the Curious Mystery woman

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Many of the women who will nope we (both male) understanding. not mean anything, just that the men also know that women need to be understood. he's whatever syndrome list of women who may be lost nope My version of the Article.

1. Nangisuitis

The consequences are too sensitive. Symptoms sullen lips, eyes wink-wink. Side effect of swollen eyes, flood handkerchief, runny nose, carrying away or become sick ngurung Curhatitis A. The disease can be treated with medication Tegaridol, OBH (Drugs Be Slaves).

2. Curhatitis

Want to continue to listen to their carrying on, the side effects can leak secret, hit Nangisuitis. The disease can be positive if it bercuhatitisnya directed to the appropriate person, let alone the same God ...

3. Shooping Syndrome

Symptoms of operation mulu road, wide-eyed, tongue ngiler side effects, so slim wallet. If already in the stadium 4 (severe ini) follow cowoknya wallet slim. Try drinking hematcold or tablet PD (Personal Conduct).

4. Cerewetisme

More severely than Curhatitis B, it does not contain a semicolon. Side effects squirt, hot ears, chest cowoknya could be more subtle because often stroked. Faster immediately escalated.

5. Lamanian Dandanitos

wanted silence front of the mirror. Gatel left hand hold the comb-gatel of operation, the right hand-cramping cramps pengen-teplok teplok pake cheek powder. Side effects: Menor, too late, cowoknya rusty, Leg kebagian food. Drink immediately Sari Carry (On Time) and Taperi (plus confidence). Make a guy drink a day spoon Toleransikipil 230 before and after bathing.

6. Cemburunotomy

Symptoms of an oval face, hands clenched, brow nosedive. Try to prevent the drug three tablespoons syrup prejudice good day, meaning pills and tablets to investigate first.

7. Ngambekilation

Symptoms similar to Cemburubotomy. Drink Sabaron and Bersyukurinis.

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