7 Great Danger Disease HIV AIDS

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Among the negative impact of the ease of communication between members of a global society in our country is emerging and developing dangerous diseases such as HIV / AIDS. For the first time detected in AIDS patients in the United States in 1981 and subsequently developed widespread disease in Africa and western countries such as Europe and Latin America to Indonesia (1987). And in 1996 known HIV / AIDS in Indonesia as many as 438 people. The Big Dangers HIV AIDS Diseases summarized in 7 Major Dangers HIV AIDS disease, namely:

1. No Drugs

AIDS is a collection of symptoms caused by the HIV virus is contagious and deadly. The virus destroys the human immune system, reducing / loss of his endurance so easily contracted and died of infectious diseases, other cancers. And so far have not found a vaccine or drug to cure signatures.

2. Death

According to calculations WHO (1992) no less than three people worldwide are infected with the AIDS virus every minute of it. What is frightening is the number of patients was 70% among the youth, the productive age.

3. Attacks For Young Children

High risk group of contracting the disease danger is homosexual, heterosexual promiscuity, drug addicts sharing needles and free sex as well as people who ignore moral values, ethics, and religion (especially teenagers / young people aged 13-25 years) .

4. Not Bemoral

Patterns and western lifestyle as a consequence of modernization, industrialization and progress of science and technology, have led to changes in the value of life that tends to ignore the moral values, ethics, and religion, including the values ​​of sexual relations between individuals.

5. Free Sex

Another issue that causes very high for the transmission of the AIDS virus is a teenager who left home / runaway becoming street children and prostitutes who sexually active and drug addicts freely and not awake hygiene / health.

6. Suicide

If a person suffers from this disease, it will cause deep depression, low vitality and lost confidence. This issue has been a lot of casualties because of those who contract the disease always ends in misery illness to suicide.

7. Crazy

Missing people confidence, dijahui many people because of her illness would cause such severe stress, if left unchecked suffered stress it will cause insanity alias has no normal consciousness.

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