7 known liver disease

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Indeed, heart disease is the bad traits that are in his heart, and all the ugliness that is control himself so he tossed randomly on the ocean tide derunya life this mortal world. By For That by knowing 7 ways to know heart disease, we can avoid it.

1. Envy

And do not be jealous of what God gave you more than partly settled some others. (Because) for men there Courant than what they earn, and to women (also) there is a portion of what they have earned, and ask Allah of His bounty. Verily Allah knows all things. An-Nisaa: 32

2. Spite

Partly the People of the Book wish that they could turn you back to disbelief after you have faith, out of envy that (arising) from themselves, as real to them the truth. So ma `afkanlah and let them, until Allah brings about His command. For Allah hath power over all things. Al-Baqarah: 109.

The human race is one. (After a dispute arose), then Allah sent the prophets as a conduit of good tidings and a warner, and Allah sent down with them the Book correctly, to judge between people about the things which they differed. It is no dispute about the book, but people who have brought them the Book, that is, after they came to the real particulars, out of envy among themselves. So God gave instructions those who believe in the truth of that wherein they differ with His will. And God always show you who He wills to a straight path. Al-Baqarah: 213

3. Instigator

it is a trait that is going to further divide the brotherhood that arise for both parties enmity and hatred to affect all state among themselves with each other.

4. Slander

And do defamation greater (sin) rather than kill. Al-Baqarah: 217

5. Liar

So whoever invent a lie against Allah after that, then they're the ones who do wrong. Ali - Imraan: 094.

6. Love The World

a man who loved the world, surely he would forgo his afterlife was hoping against hope far longer afraid of death where the arrival of the angel took his life.

Word of GOD Almighty:

That's the people who buy the life of this world to the (life) the Hereafter, the punishment will not be lightened them and they will not be helped. Al-Baqarah: 86.

7. Revenge

And We eliminate any sense of revenge that was in their hearts, they feel brothers were sitting facing each other on raised couches. Al - Hijr: 47.

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