7 Leadership Style Ants

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7 Leadership Style Ants
Many people say the 21st century is a century back to nature, sound is not one, consider the number of technologies that make use of Natural Resources, a natural foods organic material more attractive and healthier than foods that use artificial fertilizers and pesticides, Nature, has now become a source of inspiration for many people in all aspects of life. 

One that makes nature as a source of inspiration for other aspects of life is a natural leadership (lead of nature), what is a natural leadership? Leadership is a natural leadership style that is inspired by nature, by observing the state of the universe is God's creation and take it naturally. Indeed, many great thinkers who have been born and contributes greatly to the style of the current leadership, but not necessarily be applied to all areas of life and in all places.

Nature has provided a lot of inspiration has inspired all of us and ants are among them, this life if observed carefully will give birth to a style of leadership, and I call Leadership Style Ants., Which is one style of leadership for the 21st Century leadership style that is natural ( lead of nature)

Ants are small insects that live throughout the land, there are 3500 species, live in groups with a number of about 100,000 head, kebanyakkan not have wings, ants clearly a polymorph, have social organizations castes, such as: the males, females, workers, the body consists of three parts and mostly black, living everywhere or many places, ants make their nests where queens live, on average ant age 4-7 years, except for the queen ant can reach the age of 15 years, ants collecting food on summer for the winter supply.

What can we interpret from Ants in Leadership thing? These ants are served 7 Leadership Style version 7Top Ranking.

1. It has a high social keidupan

Ants are animals that live berkeloni, ants know how to live together in community, because living in groups, ants have high social life, they would work together if there are ants find food, they will be commemorating when in danger, they will be help if attacked, etc., ants are animals that have a high social.

In any such leadership, a leader must develop a leadership style high social life, means any person who is in the community should support each other, if there is a problem that occurs on one member was also a concern for everyone, if anyone knows certain parties who want to drop someone, it must be able to prevent all members, not allowing any member of the destroyed high social life will create a good working climate, although only mempehatikan simple things. This is where the role of a leader who developed a style kepeminan have high social life

2. Having an organized life

Ants are highly organized animal life, they know their duties and obligations, they no jealousy even though his job is different, the ant colonies are worker ants, ant males, soldier ants and the queen ant, but in this life no one is watching, ant not slaves of anyone, no ant task to control ants.

In leadership, too, a leader must create a work climate that regularly, in which all workers know their duties and obligations, and thus do not need any supervision, because it regularly. Worker who has high integrity, so that the rate of work accidents is nil.

3. Adaptable

Ants are animals that can live everywhere, no one lives in the ground, in trees, rotting leaves, in the house, and in many places anymore, ants can live everywhere, because ants can easily adapt to their environment.

In leadership, too, should be developed workers can easily adapt to the environment, especially an environment that has many workers and many units, the workers should have no trouble if there is a mutation of work, workers can face circumstances however, both companies are victorious or company in a critical condition.

4. Do not despair and Strong

Ants are insects that do not despair, try to notice when the ants get food that is large or difficult to reach, they will seek the power to take or acquire the food, the ants do not ever want to leave the food before acquiring. In leadership must be such, that should create a climate that pelerja not desperate, but try to continue to achieve success

Ants are insects that strong, they can lift items weighing ten times his body weight, even gajahpun could not do so, the ants seem to have a real weak kekeuatan incredible. In leadership, too, a leader must give encouragement to all employees to optimize its potential, workers who have tremendous potential, although sometimes look weak and did not have anything, but if a person's potential can be explored and optimized, will produce something outstanding.

5. Diligent

Ants are very industrious insects, especially when they find food, the ants will carry it until they run out of food and did not want to stop working before the food was brought out. In the leadership should be, where everyone must work diligently, not only diligent when supervised, but continues to work diligently while not supervised, therefore it is necessary to create a work climate sautu diligent, in which every worker has the feel proud to work there.

6. Brave sacrifice and Faithful Friend

Ant, although keloni that much, but individually they sometimes do not think of themselves, they always put the interests of the community and sometimes ants must sacrifice himself for such things. In leadership must be developed attitude willing to sacrifice for the benefit of the larger, open inform leaders must be achieved at the big picture, and allow all the workers involved in it, so the workers dared to sacrifice for it.

Ants are insects that loyal friend, observe ants sacrifice and death, by friends of ants trying to take the body back to the ant nest, ants as well as the injured, the other ants immediately to help and took her away away. In the leadership should also develop attitudes loyal friend, if there are workers who are having difficulty, then other workers had to help, thus creating harmony and familial thing else.

7. Wise

Ants are insects that wise, they know when to look for food, when to rest, in the summer, the ants immediately seek food and herd foods as much as possible, so that when the season gone by and they can not work, they still have a lot of food reserves. In kepempinan must have wise leadership, careful and precise weighing many favorable policy, if there had to be a sacrifice, but sacrifice workers sacrifice, something different, thoughtful and justice that followed a wise leader.

If you want to continue, there are many more properties ants that inspire leadership be in the 21st Century, suffice 7 points above are able to provide the current kepempinan style, although the ant insect is small, but has tremendous power.

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