7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Asia

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Beach is one of the places for recreation and release fatigue. many now famous beaches around the world. one of which is the best beach in asia who often visited various tourist world, and three of which are in Indonesia. These will be explained 7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Asia.

1. Olhuveli in Maldives

7 Pantai Tercantik Di Asia.
Olhuveli in Maldives is situated 34 Km from Male International Airport and includes a luxurious accommodation with a traditional Maldivian hospitality. Laguna is also ideal for scuba diving and water sports activities. Maldives is also often referred to as his celebrity beach.

2. Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi (Thailand)

7 Pantai Tercantik Di Asia.
Maya Bay became known world because of the film The Beach, starring Leonardo Di Caprio. First, before the film was there, Maya Bay overshadowed compared to other beaches in the vicinity. But the film The Beach opened the eyes of the world that there was a hidden paradise in the vicinity. Maya Bay is located in Koh Phi Phi (Thailand) and can be reached via Phuket or Krabi. And every day, there must be a group of tourists who want to witness firsthand the beauty of Maya Bay.

3. Kuta in Indonesia

7 Pantai Tercantik Di Asia.
The most famous places on the south coast of Lombok Kuta Beach, a magnificent stretch of white sand and blue sea with rugged hills rising around it and a famous surfing spot.

4. Jimbaran in Indonesia

7 Pantai Tercantik Di Asia.
Jimbaran, Indonesia could be said as one of the best beaches stretch of white sand, good waves, and sunsets are fantastic and perfectly suited for honeymooners.

5. Chaweng in Thailand

7 Pantai Tercantik Di Asia.
In one of the most popular islands of the eastern coastlines, Chaweng Resort is located on Chaweng Beach and a wonderful life and provides an ideal tropical island resort with natural local lifestyle on the island is famous in Southern Thailand.

6. Tiga Gili in Indonesia

7 Pantai Tercantik Di Asia.
Talking about the most beautiful beaches in Asia, certainly if not impossible dong entering Indonesia's beaches on this list. Helloooo, Indonesia has been flooded by spectacular beaches, spread from Sabang to Merauke. Most beautiful beaches are still virgin is unfortunately located in eastern Indonesia, so it's rather difficult to visit. Finally, those who miss the beach usually go to Bali, deh.

Well, for the already bored with Bali, what if we switched to Lombok? The island is located next to the island is relatively easy to reach and has beautiful beaches are just right to become the wallpaper on our computer. Try it been to Gili (Gili means island in the Sasak language). Lombok's famous Gili had 3 of Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. Gili Trawangan is the island's most crowded and most dense than "brothers and sisters".

7. Pantai Chenang in Malaysia

7 Pantai Tercantik Di Asia.
Pantai Cenang is the most popular tourist destinations in Langkawi and is located near the airport and 25 km from Kuah Town. Characteristic of this beach is a stretch of 3 km from the best sandy, beautiful scenery and attractions. This place is also famous for its numerous shopping centers, exciting nightlife, and convenient amenities.

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