7 Most Beautiful Women In Indonesia

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Women are human figures that are longed for many men. criteria sought by many men. one of them is a beauty. many beautiful women in Indonesia is that I think her beauty is no more inferior to foreign women beauty, but remember beauty does not just have to be viewed from the face but the heart is also a determinant of a woman's beauty. for it 7Top Rank summarizes the most beautiful woman in the Indonesian version 7Top Ranking. if interested please read and biodiversity continues to ya ..! 

1. Melody Prima

Original beauty without makeup is a natural kencatikan owned by artists belonging to the newcomer. Melody Prima is a girl born in Jakarta, January 18, 1995. Young, energetic and emerging artists making it a shine. Melody also has a beautiful face and charming at this young age.

Melody itself has been involved in the entertainment industry since I was little visible talent because since childhood he was very happy to style in front of the glass and happy in the photos as well. Melody better known by his profession as a sitcom actress and commercials, and now are famous Melody Prima-tenarnya Biang Scrape the soap opera.

2. Yuni Shara

With the rising age of 35 to 40's, so no doubt my opinion is if a woman Prettiest Crossbreed In Indonesia today. Natural beauty that radiates from a smile that makes Joey Ahmad is currently terpincut heart to Yuni Shara. currently difficult for all if we find a beautiful woman like Yuni's old head 3.

3. Nabila Syakieb

3. Nabila Syakieb
Nabila Syakieb (born in Bogor, West Java, 18 November 1985 aged 26 years) is an Indonesian actress. Nabila is the older brother of soap opera actress Ali Syakieb. Nabila began his career as a model was selected as cover girl finalist 1999. He plunged into the world of entertainment since the age of 16, when escaped casting soap opera "Love High School" as a Princess. Women are increasingly bloody Arabs known when starring in "My son is not my son" who starred with Roger Danuarta.

4. Risti Tagor

His appearance in the ad attracted several PH and eventually started her acting than be some soap operas and FTV. In 2007 the name Risty also skyrocketed after acting as Andien, sister Maya (Revalina S Temat) in the film Pocong 2.

5. Asmirandah

Women who look for what it is this is a woman who becomes the next beautiful woman, this is kemayu facial appearance and what it is that makes Asmirandah a beautiful woman in Indonesia today.

6. Aura Kasih

No doubt she owned a beauty this one. yes .. that's what he's Aura. sandstone faces of the men who saw it riveting makes aura kasih was elected the most beautiful woman in Indonesia.

7. Pok Nori

7. Pok Nori

Do not be surprised yes. Why choose Pok Nori 7Top Rank as Most Beautiful woman in Indonesia? this is because of sincerity, determination and strength of Pok Nori describe women who live passionately. just imagine in the age at which aging group of Nori still Exist and work as well as much-loved people.

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