7 Most Beautiful Women in the World

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World's Most Beautiful Women amplified by people magazine in 2012. Ranking 7Top version only takes 7 Most Beautiful Women in the World only. As for he is:

1. Sofia Vergara

1. Sofia Vergara
Selected to be the most beautiful woman in the world to make Sofia feel honored. Especially in the age of 40 years will enter, he aligned with young actresses like Mila Kunis. 

2. Lily Collins

Phil Collins's daughter is now increasingly known in the world of acting. Latest movie co-Julia Roberts, Mirror Mirror show in the cinema center. Actress 23-year role as Snow White was initially no confidence in her appearance. But now noticed his face had uniqueness. 

3. Madeleine Stowe

Madeleine rose leaves after starring in series 'Revenge'. "It was exciting to us to be called when you're on the road," said Stowe about its popularity. In old age, but 53 years, Victoria player was still beautiful.

4. Christina Hendricks

Serial 'Mad Men' Christina Hendricks brings the popular name. Her body was often the center of attention because he has a big enough chest measurement. Though considered sexy by many people, before Christina felt she was too fat. But now a beautiful woman with a confident performance. "I feel beautiful and never try to lose weight because I like it," he said.

5. Michelle Williams

5. Michelle Williams
Michelle recently signed an Oscar nomination thanks to his acting in 'My Week with Marilyn'. His role as Marilyn Monroe in the film to be an important entry in karinya. About beauty, Michelle felt the expectations of people to come up pretty precisely membuatnta dismayed. "Because I was not able to live with the claim," he said in an interview with Vogue.

6. Miranda Lambert

6. Miranda Lambert
Be a country singer Miranda feels compelled to make a perfect appear. "All the stars are very thin and they spend time trying to be skinny," he said at Health magazine. But he did not want to intrude himself into a lean. "I represent normal women., No problem got slightly fleshy body. I'm happy with my body," he said. 

7. Kate Middleton

7. Kate Middleton

Since betrothed to Prince William to finally get married, Kate did not stop to make fascinated fans in appearance. He was known by his style simple yet elegant. 

This 7 Most Beautiful Women in the World Ranking 7Top version.

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