7 Most Bizarre Diseases In The World

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Although there are many diseases that in general we know and have known cure, it turns out in the world is still a lot of strange health problems, no known cause, rare, let alone cure. Here are 7 Most Bizarre Diseases In The World.

1. Alien Hand Syndrome

According to an article published in the journal Archives of Neurology in 2004, people suffering from alien hand syndrome often felt his hand move, reaching or grasping something out of control. One example is the case of a 81-year-old grandmother who abruptly left hand strangling his throat and punched her face. My grandmother also had sensory and visual disturbances. A 2009 study showed that people who suffer from alien hand syndrome is most commonly caused by a stroke in the right hemisphere. Other studies mention the part of the brain that control movement may be uniquely free to be active.

2. Cotard syndrome

Cotard syndrome is often called delusional cotard and walking corpse syndrome is a rare condition in which a person thinks he is dead or decaying body. This syndrome is usually experienced by people who suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. But people who suffer from migraines, tumors or trauma are also reported frequently experiencing this strange disease.

3. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

3. Sindrom Ehlers-Danlos
People who suffer from this syndrome have an incredible body flexibility. They also often have skin that is very easily stretched. But in general they are easily swollen skin and a long recovery.

Most people who suffer from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome are known to have mutations in COL5A1 and COL5A2 genes. An estimated 1 in 5,000 people have the syndrome. There are many different types and variations of this syndrome.

4. Do not have fear

People who have no sense of fear included in a genetic disorder that causes hardening of the brain structure responsible for fear responses. In 2010 it was reported there was a woman with the initials BC suffering from this disease. The woman did not have a fear response.

5. Crying Blood

Tears of blood or in medical language called haemolacriapada commonly suffered by women of childbearing age who are menstruating. Although blood is not always seen in the eyes. Haemolacria can also occur due to severe eye disease.

6. Always Pumped

For people who suffer from sexual arousal syndrome persist, orgasm only made them a sensation of shame and stress than satisfaction. This disease occurs due to hypersensitivity to orgasm just because a little pressure, sometimes even without any trigger even though they do not feel the passion. This syndrome was first diagnosed in 2001, but the cause is unknown. Women who suffer from this syndrome often feel embarrassed, isolated and stressful condition.

7. Morgellon Disease

We may have experienced itching in the skin because something is crawling on the skin. But there are some people who often feel there is something moving under his skin. Morgellon disease, the name of the disease, is a condition in which a person feels itchy and felt something crawling and biting under their skin.

According Morgellon Research Foundation, people who suffer from this condition also saw no layers or fibers that appear on the skin. They also suffered wounds in the skin, fatigue and memory impairment. Cause of this disease is unknown, but some experts say the disorder is caused due to mental illness and others argue the trigger is a rare skin disorder.

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