7 Most Endangered Cat In The World

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Cats are funny animals pliharan many cats as a hobby but turns taukah you know in this world there is rarely a rare cat cat you know you want to know what the cat wrote it see below.

1. Andean Montain Cat

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The Andean Mountain Cat is a cat that is very rare in the cat population is estimated around 2500 that many encounter in the mountains of Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. This cat has a length of nearly two meters.

2. Pallas Cat

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The Pallas Cat (Otocolobus manul) called "Manul". This cat looks great sangta actual size, same as ordinary cat but due to the thick fur makes this cat look bigger than usual cat. Cat face also looks weird with a round face and had a little cat's teeth found in many regions of Europe, Cat is also the world's oldest cat sepsis who have berkembag since 12 years ago.

3. Margay Cat

Actually this is a domestic cat but smaller size, and has a long kakai, cats are rarely seen in daylight sebap cats prefer to hunt at night, these fat cats were found in regions of Mexico and Brazil.

4. Fishing Ca

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Cats of this type can be found in Asia and South East Asia where the cat is more like living in mobile sebap fish near the water is a basic makannan this cat, is threatened with extinction due kicing wetlands dried for human settlements.

5. Serval Cat
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An African serval cat that has a foot long believed to be the ancestors of lions and cheetahs, these cats are common in the savanna regions of Africa.

6. Caracal Cat

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These cats can live well in the mountain and desert areas and have a high survival Traffic by not drinking in the long term, this cat can be found in Asia and Africa and the stout man as pet cats pliharan.

7. African Golden Cat

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This cat is not always golden cat fur is sometimes colored berfariasi ranging from reddish gold to dark gray with a distinctive mark. These cats can be found in the equatorial rain forests of Africa. Cats also be input into Akkan endangered animals of the earth.

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