7 Motivator Famous in Indonesia

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Motivation is an internal process that makes a person move toward a goal. Motivator meaning people who give motivation to others. Here is a list of 7 Motivator famous name in Indonesia.

1. Christian Adrianto

Christian Adrianto motivator arguably very inspired by Mr. Tung Desem Waringin. Uphold the words of Mr. Tung Desem Big Guru Waringin is, "Learn from the best, do the best, work with the best, pray the best, expect the best, miracle happen", then proceed through the Christian seminars K. Tung Desem the Other borrowed money. He took the decision to follow Train for firewalk Trainer Seminar held on the island of Bali that will turn him into attacking the speaker Fabulous. Since then he became a motivator.

2. Hermawan Kartajaya
Not many that I know of Hermawan Kartajaya. But he is an important figure in the world of marketing Asia. His field of marketing is inherent in him, so that the training or seminar more extensively covered marketing strategies and other things related to the world of marketing.

3. Gede Prama

Diligence as a consultant making was a management consultant at RCTI television company, Blue Bird taxi company etc.. Calls made it his duty as a public speaker ever spoken in various forums (National, International) and invited the World Bank, the Global Unilever, IBM, Microsoft, Citibank, etc. as a resource. Diligence work making has produced dozens of titles (2 in English), thousands of articles, messages are spread through many radio, television, internet and print media.

4. James Gwee

James Gwee known as a reliable business motivator. In one of the English-language website, you will see a glimpse of James Gwee journey inspiring. There are also articles that relate to the business world such as in marketing and sales tips that love to you miss. In presenting the motivation James Gwee, often using simple language blend of Indonesian-English.

5. Bong Chandra

Bong Chandra is the author of Best Seller "Unlimited Wealth" and Motivator youngest No. 1 in Asia. Bong Chandra has now helped many people to achieve dreams through seminars given. Has spoken in front of 15,000 people per year, ranging from students, housewives, professors, lawyers, doctors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and others. He also built several such businesses, property, automotive, schools, distribution, internet, reflection, and others.

He is a speaker who has the charisma, his demeanor was very calm but firm and not long-winded. She provides fresh humor that made the audience not sleepy and kept at home to listen to for hours. Now Bong Chandra also filling the motivation every Monday at 10 am on TV One.

6. Krisnamurti

Krisnamurti often dubbed Mindset Motivator, because of its ability to provide sharing can change a person's way of thinking and mindset. How to bring very smooth and cool completely while listening, sir krisna also usually train us to be able to concentrate properly and consciously.

7. Tung Desem Waringin

Tung Desem Success Coach K. is No.. 1 in Indonesia (Marketing Magazine) and included in one of the characters of The Most Powerful People and Ideas in Business 2005 (SWA Magazine). As a speaker, Tung K. Desem have spoken more than 100,000 people worldwide. One of the activities that actively inspires particularly for adolescents is SuperTeen containing strategies tremendous success will be taught in a camp during the school holidays to equip your children with a variety of successful strategies to accelerate success in life.

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