7 Mouse unique in the World

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Mouse is a great tool to use when we are running a computer or laptop. usability and the mouse is very much helpful at all. mouse that we know today was built from a computer mouse or the laptop itself. The following 7 Mouse unique in the world.

1. Mouse Sexy Body

7 Mouse
How can working with computers ever be a sensual experience? Well, with Pat-Says-Now Body Optical Mouse ($ 29.90) pal will touch and move around the curvaceous body wearing fancy clothes all day.

2. World of Warcraft Mouse

What is World of Warcraft without a mouse WOC? it inspired gaming peripherals maker SteelSeries SteelSeries to create a World of Warcraft Mouse ($ 99.99) for the 11 million loyal users.

3. Mouse Anti-Bacterial

7 Mouse
The IOGear's Germ Free Wireless Laser Mouse ($ 11.99) coated with a Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and Silver (Ag) nano-particle compound, which uses two mechanisms to deactivate enzymes and proteins to prevent spectrum can expand bacteria, viruses, fungi , and algae from surviving on the surface of the mouse. It has been tested and proven effective against the settlement of harmful microbes on the insulated surface, an excellent tool for medical offices, libraries, schools and public computers in general.

4. Finger Mouse

7 Mouse
Mouse finger ($ 10.50). This is a Japanese-made finger mouse can be plugged into the index finger and my friend used optical sensors to track the point - the thumb-wheel to act as a remote as well. Mouse super-compact and intended for use in narrow circumstances - my friend can even use your thighs as the surface of the mouse.

5. Keypad Mouse

7 Mouse
AKP-170 Mouse ($ 19.99) is an Optical Mouse offers desktop and notebook users full functionality purposes, external numeric keypad in a compact form. Serves as a numeric keypad and optical mouse features a wide flip top with a transparent cover for the keypad and additional scroll wheel for easy web navigation. Mouse innovative and portable, definitely designed for mobile professionals.

6. Mouse Liver

mouse hati
Feel the love with every click of the Pat-Says-Now Red Heart Computer Mouse ($ 45.99). Mouse innovative with a very beautiful heart shape.

7. Mouse Humberger

mouse hamburger
This is one burger at Deskop that will not drop any crumbs on the keyboard - Mouse Hamburger ($ 19.95). Ergonomic design that favors have guarantees about three million hits, maybe a million more than you'll ever need in life mate.

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