7 Mysterious Doll in the World

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Doll is a toy for children. some dolls have become Trens today as stuffed panda for example. but not all of dolls is fun, there are some dolls that keep some mystery and scary. The following 7 Phantom Doll in the World.

1. Pupa Puppet

7 Mysterious Doll in the World
The owners originally had this doll at the age of 5-6 years (1920s) until he died in July 2005. This doll escapes the destruction of the Second World War and a few accidents that cause doll is destroyed. Since the beginning of her on the news can move itself. This doll is always carried by its owner everywhere he will be gone, just like Harold. Pupa said to move itself. Often seen pushing stuff around the display home owners. Until the original owners died, the pupa becomes very active and like to be released from its storage.

Doll This blue dress worn clothing. He is often reported to interfere person who cherishes. Pupa are often in different places than the last place he was seen. There is a family event heard someone knocking on the glass as they pass through the display case Pupa where stored. As they see it, they see that Pupa hand are glass and different from the previous position.

2. Mandy Dolls

7 Mysterious Doll in the World
Mandy the Doll now on display at the Quesnel Museum in Old Cariboo Gold Rush Trail, British Columbia. Mandy was donated to the museum in 1991. When it suits imposed very dirty, his body broken and his head filled with cracks. When examined, age Mandy practically very old ie 90 years. The woman who donated Mandy, Mereanda, told museum that he would get up in the middle of the night and always heard a baby crying in the basement. When checked, he found that the window in near the doll open, whereas before the window is closed. After the doll was donated to the museum, he never again bothered by the sound. 

3. Dolls Okiku

7 Mysterious Doll in the World
Okiku Dolls From Japan, Devil Doll The Full Mystery - According to a person who never saw this doll, this doll indeed spooky with all the nuances of non-logical. How can objects dead can grow hair continuously. Almost like jenglot, this doll is really beyond reason. A Japanese researcher revealed that the results of forensic testing hair grown doll hair is exactly the same in children aged 10 years.

Okiku name is taken from a child who was playing with doll size 40 inches tall, dressed in a kimono with eyes beady black and dense hair. Dolls existing Okiku Mannenji temple in the city of Hokkaido Prefecture Iwamizawa) since , 1938. This doll was originally purchased in 1918 by a young man named Eikichi Suzuki in sapporo, where he saw a beautiful doll Japanese Kimono. Eikichi purchased this doll for her sister who 2-year-old named Okiku, this child loved the dolls this and play it every day.

But unfortunately, Okiku died shortly afterwards of a fever. Then at his funeral, family want to put the doll into in his coffin but somehow they forgot. Family girl then put the doll in the household altar and pray for every day in commemoration Okiku. Some time later, they saw the hair started tumbuh.Menurut This story is the spirit of the girl who had taken refuge in the doll it.

In 1938 the family moved to shakalin Suzuki, stuffed okiku finally deposited in the temple Mannenji in Hokkaido. According to the priest of the temple, Japanese traditional dolls are always short-haired, he also justified if okiku doll hair stretches, although cut continues periodically, but his hair grow steadily. According to the temple, dolls Traditional initially had short cropped hair, but over time increasing length of about 25 centimeters, up to knee boneka.Meskipun doll hair is cut regularly, but according to the story grew longer hair.

4. Jelangkung

7 Mysterious Doll in the World
Jelangkung wooden doll is a game full of power Unseen where the players call or invite a spirit or ghost to come. jaelangkung grandmother is a legacy game our ancestors used where the first time a game jaelangkung were formerly very popular because people used to be full ghaibnya forces will attempt to call the creature magic to get into dolls or objects that resemble scarecrow with potent spells "Jelangkung jelangsat, here there was a party, a small party. Jelangkung jelangsat, came not invited, go not delivered ". Having uttered the incantation jelangkung will move by itself.

Usually the game is played by four 3 people 'are those who lap / carry dolls jelangkung, who cast a spell, and the preparing stationery. This game is mostly done in the place is haunted and at night, usually between the hours of 10 evening up.

Jaelangkung game is very dangerous for the layman and not understand the nature of supernatural, because usually people who play the game will be affected by this game, usually a play jelangkung be possessed by the ghosts of last jelangkung alias "Trance" even terrorized by the ghosts jelangkung, then we appeal to people who like to play this game but will lay unseen world, and only for pain Out of curiosity, I suggest better not!, because it is very dangerous for your own.

Some people never play it using stationery (long) to ask or predict anything. and this is a game that developed in these areas, especially in the island of Java, which is generally formerly played in the villages using scarecrow to call the spirits, so that the spirits are "go" into it. The game is usually played in a gang when the light months, and when the soul comes he will introduce himself and talk with the help of stationery. The questions posed are very diverse raised, among others, the name of the spirit, what year he died and the reason he died. It is often also used to fortune to know the future (although not ascertained the truth).

The game is pretty simple when only using the term complete with a picture of a circle with the letters of the alphabet are depicted in paper, and to the accompaniment of a simple song (maybe this is the mantra callers), all of this is on condition that jelangkung could be present in our midst.

After Jalangkung it comes, then we can ask whatever we want, and He will answer by using the tools we provide. But keep in mind that does not mean this is a game that NOT dangerous, where this game should not be done with arbitrary, because we sometimes have to meet the demand Jalangkung as her home back to somewhere or the other what he wants and if we do not comply, then usually Jaelangkung be angry and could create new problems for the callers.

Never played it or not, at least we know the game jelangkung. The above quote was certainly no stranger anyway. Can thread said these words as a mantra to invoke jelangkung supernatural creatures in the game. These words were spoken many times so delicate creatures really come. Jelangkung game itself is a game that tried to call supernatural beings to enter into dolls or objects made resembles a scarecrow. After the spirits entered the body , usually the player will ask things like knew, especially about the future. 

 5. Robert Doll

7 Mysterious Doll in the World7 Mysterious Doll in the World
This doll previously owned by a painter Robert Eugene Otto of guardians. Lots of rumors about these guardians, some say This nanny experience things that are not fun from parents Eugene, so for revenge he gave cursed doll to Eugene. But Eugene regard this as a gift guardians sign of love, so he named Robert and dressing her clothes. Over the life of Eugene, Robert was always by his side.

A month after arrival at the family home Robert Otto, disorder began to emerge. Goods lost love and broken, and Eugene has a habit strange, often out of his window and the streets in the middle night. Once Eugene spotted his family, but he replied "Robert did it".

Now Robert residing in the Historic Custom House and is on display at the display closed meeting. He was still wearing his sailor suit and hugging teddy Eugene bear. Some of the visitors in front of peppermint candy store display systems and when visited again just be left wrappings strewn around Robert.

6. Annabele

7 Mysterious Doll in the World
In 1970, a mother walked into a hobby store and buy Raggedy-Anne doll as a gift for children. Then start a ghost doll cases are not uncommon. Due to the very nature of evil Annabelle, in the same year he interfere with two nurses who lead investigations psychic by the church. Now he is locked in a glass beaker closed in occult museum to lock him up.

7. Harold Dolls

7 Mysterious Doll in the World
This doll is expected to be made in 1930. With conditions already turns ragged doll can move itself even Voice from the doll.

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