7 Myths About Wrinkles

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7 Myths About Wrinkles
The face is one of forming confidence of everyone. dilakukaan many ways to merwat face. widely circulated myths that respond to multiple influences that can cause kekeriputan to face.

Although only one line appears on the face, any woman would have panicked. Especially if the new age of the 20's with a myriad of activities. Premature aging can sometimes undermine confidence in the work as well as a date and your weekend. The following 7 Myths About Wrinkles version 7Top Ranking.

1. Wrinkles only happens when we are old

Fact: This myth is not entirely true. In general, the symptoms of the aging process begins at the age of 25-an, in the form of reduced skin elasticity and collagen. However, a healthy lifestyle and skin care routine can prevent the signs of aging so that the new wrinkles appeared in older age. Skin care should start early and avoid the bad habits of the skin.

2. Gymnastics advance and often laugh prevent wrinkles

Fact: It is true that laughter has many benefits for health, ranging from youth to boost the immune system. But be careful, it is too expressive when she laughed it can cause excessive facial muscle movement. Moreover, when the muscles are constantly moving is accompanied by a thinning of the skin's structure due to the influence of age, it will cause the skin indentations called mechanical wrinkles, which generally occur around the forehead and eyes.

3. Sleeping on his stomach can cause wrinkles

Fact: It's true that a wrong sleeping position also contributed to triggering the formation of wrinkles. If you often sleep on his side or stomach, the risk of the appearance of wrinkles on the face will be greater because of friction and gravity. So, you should go to sleep in the supine position.

4. Wrinkles was dropped from our parents

Fact: It is true that genetic factors play a role in the formation of wrinkles enough. So one way to predict which will arise wrinkles is to look at your parents or your grandparents. If they have genes dry skin and wrinkles around the eyes, you will most likely have the same tendency.

5. Asian skin wrinkles faster than whites

Fact: Not true. Actually, it is the skin of Caucasians are more prone to wrinkles than Asian skin. That's because the structure of the Asian skin tends to be thick and oily. Indeed, the Asians are in the majority of the tropical climate and ultraviolet radiation exposed to more. But fortunately, tropical humidity is also high enough so that the skin supple, too.

6. Wrinkles are more widely experienced by people who diet and skinny

Fact: It is true that the wrong diet, causing a lack of nutritional intake may be associated with the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin. Reduced intake of nutrients causes levels to drop, vitamins, proteins and minerals are absorbed by the body so that the immune system also dropped. In fact, these substances solely responsible for the replacement of damaged skin cells and maintain skin elasticity and moisture. Thus, consumption of enriched foods and fruits that contain antioxidants and vitamin C.

7. Wrinkles are not influenced by the hormone, but were influenced by the moisture content of the skin

Fact: Wrong. Wrinkles are influenced by several hormones in our bodies. Especially common hormone cortisol produced during stress. Decrease in the hormone estrogen also affects the onset of wrinkles on her skin. In men, the hormone testosterone also play a role in triggering the wrinkles on the skin, but not for the influence of the female hormone estrogen.

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