7 The nature of Ask The Man And Solutions

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In life, bad human nature will always accompany and adorn life's journey as a human being, sometimes evil nature of a person is more dominant than the nature of it. Vices already proven itself would hinder the success rate of men. In the following seven properties Poor Man and Road exit.

1. Evade The solution is Courageous

Running from the fact, irresponsible. Stop deceiving yourself. Do not be too serious a problem as mental hospitals are filled with patients who followed her grief and feel the environment a source of frustration. So, solve every problem faced completely and believe that all the best always have strived hard.

2. Fear solution is Courage

Not sure myself, tense, anxious, among others, could be due to financial difficulties, marital conflict, sexual problems. Avoid a person who relies on anxiety. Remember, 99 percent of the things we worry about never happens. Courage is the most powerful self defense. Use of intellectual analysis and look for solutions to problems with the right mental attitude. Courage is a re-education process. So, do not hesitate to seek help from an expert, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist.

3. Being selfish solution is social

Materialistic, aggressive, prefer asking than giving. Do not exploit friends. Happiness could be obtained if we can help others. Keep in mind, people who do not expect any of the others are people who have never felt disappointed.

4. Hatred solution is Love

Desire for revenge, heartless, ruthless. Eliminate hatred. Learn to forgive and forget. Hatred is a negative emotion that became the basis of a sense of unhappiness. People who have hatred usually hated herself for hating others. The only thing that could eliminate hatred is love. Love is the ultimate force that can be owned by any person.

5. Narcissistic solution is Humility

Superiority complex, too arrogant, false pride. The proud will easily lose friends, because without the presence of a friend, we will not be happy. Avoid knowingly. Humbly, we will naturally want to hear someone else that chance 50 percent success we have achieved.

6. Lazy attitude solution is Working

Apathy, saturated continues, daydreaming, and spending time with unproductive way, feel lonely. Make us to always follow the work schedule we have planned before by actively working. Avoid the tendency to make our existence is meaningless and complain endlessly.

7. Intolerance solution is self control

Narrow-minded, petty racial hatred, arrogance, antagonism towards a particular religion, religious prejudice. Calm your emotions through the art of self-control. Observe them intellectually. Increase our tolerance levels. Remember that the world was created and is created by the diversity of cultures and religions.

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