7 Oil Producing Countries in the World's

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Oil is a very important today, it is because that is one of the oil resources and facilities to the needs of man. The presence of oil into one of the targets was at Aims in various countries. Advantages some countries are when it has awarded thousands of tons of oil as a producer for the State Such. The following is a list of 7 Oil Producing Countries in the World's Largest today.

1. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has almost 20% of world oil reserves and is the largest oil exporter. Approximately 11% of U.S. oil imports come from Saudi Arabia in 2005. Up until now was known as Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world oil pengexpor.

2. Iran

Iran has 10% of world oil reserves. But the country's economic sanctions and export, and therefore do not contribute directly to the U.S. oil imports.

3. Iraq

Iraq's economy more driven by the oil sector. By controlling 8% of world oil reserves, 95% of revenues depend on oil.

4. United Arab Emirates

Reserves of oil and natural gas the United Arab Emirates can last for more than 100 years. Over the last 30 years of oil reserves the United Arab Emirates account for 7% of world oil reserves. United Arab Emirates has been changed from the miskinmenjadi country with high living standards.

5. Kuwait

Kuwait is a small country but has rich oil reserves similar to the United Arab Emirates. Once free of the Iraqi invasion, Kuwait has spent more than U.S. $ 5 billion to repair oil infrastructure.

6. Libya

Countries in north Africa which controls 3% of world oil reserves, almost the entire economy depends on oil exports is 95%.

7. Nigeria

Nigeria is oil-rich country which controls 2.5% of world oil reserves, and its economy depends almost entirely from oil.

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