7 Sexiest Women In The World

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The selection of the sexiest women on the basis of the results of a survey conducted by the magazine FHM Magazine readers, the election is generating as much as 10 candidates across the sexiest woman in the world. However 7Top Rank (7TR) only lists seven candidates only. this is according to most polls by TR 7. This is her seventh Sexiest Women In The World. 

1. Nicole Scherzinger
The singer always look sexy. Sexy pictures of former Pussycat Dolls frontman was widely circulated in cyberspace. Not only that, recently, a lover racer Lewis Hamilton has also recently did a photo shoot for GQ India section.

In the picture, Nicole appeared topless. The singer's chest is only covered with long black hair and black. And some more photos equally sexy. To keep that sexy body shape, Nicole has her own. He was very diligent mengosumsi water.

2. Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook is known as an artist who focuses on the world model and television presenter. Brook began her career in modeling since the age of 16 years. She became a model after winning a beauty competition. In 2005, she managed to bloody England topped FHM 100 sexiest women. He was chosen based on a survey conducted in 15 million people.

He is an artist whose name is subscribed in the list of 100 sexiest women. In 2008, a woman born 23 November 1979 is ranked 34, in 2009, its ranking dropped considerably. He was ranked only 67. However, in 2010, its ranking rose sharply to position 7. And this year, he was in position 8.

3. Marissa Miller

Supermodel USA was successfully elected as the sexiest woman FHM magazine. He ranks seventh. In the past year, he managed to occupy the top position shifts Megan Fox. He is regarded as a model who has a body ideal and dream of women around the world.

In 2010, Victoria's Secret model's name is also included in the ranks of the hottest women's magazine Maxim.

4. Brooklyn Decker

4. Brooklyn Decker
Wife of tennis player Andy Roddick is a model who is also developing his career in acting. Women from the United States managed to be the sexiest woman 2010 Esquire magazine.

And a sexy body could make Jennifer Aniston rumored that collided with her acting in the movie 'Just Go With It' was panic and frenzy. Brad Pitt's ex-wife feel uncomfortable when it comes to being photographed wearing a bikini with Decker.

Because of that, Aniston immediately called his personal trainer to Hawaii and undergo a very strict diet program. All done starring Rachel in the series 'Friends' is to balance the body Decker one acknowledged her sexuality.

5. Olivia Wilde

5. Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde is a model and movie star. He began to pursue acting since 2000. Before acting on the big screen, she was born March 10, 1984 first appeared in television series such as 'The O.C' and 'House'. His name began to attract attention after appearing starred in the film 'Tron: Legacy'.

He could be a strong candidate as a Bond girl in the movie the 21 secret agent 007 is entitled 'Casino Royal'. Unfortunately, the goddess Fortuna has not sided with him. He was unable to compete with actress Eva Green who gets the role.

6. Megan Fox

6. Megan Fox
Name Megan Fox does a subscription to get the title as the sexiest woman in the world. The former star of 'Transformers' is two consecutive successful in FHM magazine's top position in 2008 and 2009. However, in 2010, his title was successfully retrieved the model Marissa Miller. He just settle for second.

And this year, the wife of Brian Austin Green's position also continues to decline. He is ranked fourth. Megan Fox skinny body is considered as one of the reasons that make Megan no longer regarded as a sexy woman.

7. Rihanna

7. Rihanna
Rihanna is not only known as a singer with a melodious voice. Singer from Barbados is well known for her sexy appearance in the action stage or day-to-day performance.

In fact, on his first appearance as a singer, the singer of 'Umbrella' was featured understated. However, the image of a cute and adorable girl that did not last long. On the third album entitled 'Good Girl Gone Bad' it becomes like a wild woman.

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