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The desire to be a smart person is one goal of man. Various efforts and attempts were made to be a smart guy, because intelligence is not just to make someone knowledgeable and high-minded, but smart people will always form the best among many others. This time 7top Rankings will lift a theme relating to 7 The smartest World.

1. Albert Einstein

1. Biografi Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein (14 March 1879-18 April 1955) was a theoretical physicist who is widely regarded as the greatest scientist of the 20th century. He put forward the theory of relativity and also greatly contributed to the development of quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and cosmology. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his explanation of the photoelectric effect and "for his services to Theoretical Physics". Having formulated the theory of general relativity, Einstein became world famous, an unusual achievement for a scientist. In his old age, his fame beyond the fame of all scientists in history, and in popular culture, says Einstein is considered synonymous with intelligence or even genius. His face is one of the most recognized in the world. In 1999, Einstein was named "Person of the Century" by Time magazine. Popularity also makes the name "Einstein" is widely used in advertising and other merchandise, and finally "Albert Einstein" as a registered trademark. To appreciate them, a unit of the photochemical named Einstein, a chemical element named einsteinium, and a named asteroid 2001 Einstein.

2. Leonardo da Vinci Universal Genius Italy-origin-IQ 220

2. Leonardo da Vinci Universal Genius,asal Italy, IQ 220
Leonardo was born in Vinci, Province of Florence, Italy, on 15 April 1452. He is the son of Ser Piero Da Vinci and Caterina, so the full name is Leonardo, Ser Piero da Vinci, which means son of Ser Piero, Leonardo Vinci's home city. At a young age, Leonardo has studied painting with Andrea del Verrocchio and began painting in Florence. Any word tells Verrochio declared retirement painting after painting his students see that this one is better than the painting itself. In addition to being a painter Leonardo is also able to demonstrate its ability in other areas. In 1481 Leonardo moved to Milan to work with Duke (Duke) there. The results of his work in Milan during the Sforza Horse most famous is he doing for more than 11 years. But there he not only painting and sculpture, but also transform the streets of rivers and building canals, as well as entertaining Duke by playing the mouth and sing. Then he worked for King Louis XII of France in Milan and to Pope Leo X in Rome. One of the most phenomenal paintings the Mona Lisa stated that the image of women is the result of a custom facial Da Vinci himself. Another speculation claimed that the woman had indeed been there, a merchant's wife.

3. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Germany 210

  3. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe — Germany 210
Goethe was one of the most important figures in world literature and Romanticism Neoklasisme Germany and Europe in the late 18th Century and early 19th Century. He is the author of Faust and Zur Farbenlehre (Color Theory), and is the inspiration for Darwin's discovery of the separation of the human and the jawbone Pramaksilia focus to Evolution. Goethe's influence spread across Europe, and for a century ahead of his work is a major source of inspiration in music, drama, and poetry.

4. Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz-Germany 205

4. Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz — Germany 205Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz or sometimes spelled as Leibnitz or von Leibniz (July 1 (June 21 according to the Julian calendar chronicle) 1646-14 November 1716) was a German philosopher of Sorbian descent and came from Sachen. He is especially known for its schools of Théodicée that humans live in a world as possible because the world was created by God Perfect. Faham Théodicée became famous for criticism in a book written by Voltaire Candide. In addition to a philosopher, he was a scientist, mathematician, diplomat, physicist, historian and doctoral degrees in secular law and church law. He is considered as the Universalist spirit of his time and was one of the most influential philosophers of the 17th century and into the 18th. Contribution to a subject that is so widely dispersed in many journals and tens of thousands of letters and manuscripts are not all published manuscripts. Until now there is still no complete edition of the writings of Leibniz and the full report on these achievements can not be done. Leibniz was born in Leipzig and died in Hannover.

5. Emanuel Swedenborg -Sweden 205

5. Emanuel Swedenborg — Sweden 205
Emanuel Swedenborg was born in Stockholm, Sweden, 8 February 1688 - died in London, England, 29 March 1772 at the age of 84 years was a scientist, philosopher, Christian mystic and theologian Sweden. Swedenborg had a prolific career as an inventor and scientist. At the age of fifty-six years old, he entered the spiritual phase of his life, and he started having "dreams and visions". This culminated in a spiritual awakening, where he claimed to have been appointed by the Lord to write a heavenly doctrine to reform Christianity. He claimed that the Lord had opened his eyes, so that from then on he could freely visit heaven and hell, and talk with angels, demons and other spirits. For 28 years of his life, he wrote and published 18 theological works, the most famous was Heaven and Hell (1758), and several unpublished theological works.

6. William James Sidis - USA 200

6. William James Sidis — USA 200
William James Sidis genius. He is by far the fastest kid mature intellectual of his generation. His death in 1944 as undistinguished figure for the rise of the wives dibuatkesempatan old story about nerve damage, fire magic between genius and insanity. The life of William James Sidis clearly illustrate what psychology teaches intellectual tentangjenius. This is the first born and then developed. Skills munculpada early age. It does not end sooner than any musical talent or mental artistik.Kekacauan not characteristic genius.

7. Kim Ung-Yong- Korea 200

7. Kim Ung-Yong — Korea 200
Kim Ung-Yong Kim Ung-Yong (born March 7, 1963) is probably the superjenius people who are alive today, recorded in the official record of the Guinness Book of Records as the man with the highest IQ of the day 210. Kim began his education at the Department of Physics at the University when he was 3 years old, able to read and write in four languages ​​(English, Korean, Japanese and German) at the time he was 4 years old. At age 4, he showed his ability to solve problems integral and differential calculus are very complex on a TV show in Japan, demonstrated expertise in mastering four languages ​​he mastered and writing poetry. At age 7, he was invited to the U.S. by NASA, earned a Ph.D. professor. D in the field of Physics at Colorado State University before he was 16 years old, during a lecture he also worked as a researcher at Nasa and continue the work until 1978 when he decided to return to Korea, studied Civil Engineering, which is totally different from the field that he understood better before (Physics) and managed to get his PhD in civil engineering.

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