7 Symptoms of Cancer in Animals

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In addition to humans, it can also attack cancer pets. However, because the animals are not able to tell her pain in humans, as the owner you should know how to detect the cancer in your pet. This time 7Top Rank will present about 7 Cancer Symptoms in Animals.

1. Swollen lymph nodes

Swollen glands can be known from the jaw or behind the knees. If the part is enlarged improperly, it could be a lymphoma cancer.

2. Enlargement bump

Any lump pet enlarged or changed shape to look out for. Who knew it was one of the symptoms of cancer in pets.

3. Abdominal distention

If the abdomen pet suddenly enlarged, there may be a tumor in the abdomen or bleeding around the area. Immediately call your veterinarian if the pet experiencing these symptoms.

4. Weight loss

Weight has dropped is not the main symptom for pets. However, during this patient's cancer is likely to lose weight quickly is not it?

5. Vomiting and chronic diarrhea

Do not underestimate the state of the pet vomiting or diarrhea. Because it could be a one of the symptoms of cancer. USG for pets needs to be done to know the definitive answer to this sign.

6. Bleeding for no reason

Bleeding from the mouth, gums, nose, or genitals for no apparent reason should be followed. Because in addition to certain abnormalities, bleeding was probably one of the symptoms of the disease.

7. Bad breath

Tumors in the mouth of animals make their breath smell unpleasant. If the odor is not caused by food, ask your vet what is wrong with your pet. Type of pet cancer usually are cats and dogs. If you keep the two animals, be sure to recognize the common symptoms of cancer that attacks them.

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