7 things cause Not Lucky

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If you often feel as a person who is not lucky, that could be part of it all on your own that created it. Try to look at the causes are Lucky 7 things below, if it turns out you make mistakes below, then it should of thought and beliefs need to be changed again.

1. Have No Sense of Humor

If you are the type of people who respond to all matters seriously, then you get in this first list. Begin to learn to laugh. Laughter is the most potent drug in every way. If you can not make the problems that you face as a joke, just the opposite complained at length about the issue, it could be a problem is actually not as bad as you think. Once you prove it, then throughout life all problems is not as bad as you think.

2. Blaming the Other

Why are you so easily broken? Not to say anyone else is innocent, but when referring to it, you end up changing your own money. Once again, stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop complaining. If the business you do not bring the expected results, then do different things. So different people once in a while, it could be good for you. Remember, start by stop complaining, and make peace with any situation you face.

3. Have No Expectations Or Stuck

No one can make you feel better than yourself. You can not expect the world to change for you before you change yourself.

4. Excessive Worry

The more you worry, the less you confidence that everything will go well. How can you expect a place in life if you do not have faith or confidence? Let it flow all. Relax.

5. Envy of Other People With Luck

Whenever you hear someone else got the luck you always say, 'That man made me very upset!' Maybe if you be happy with the good fortune of others, then the same luck can rub off on you.

6. Blame God

Sometimes you think about how God is not fair on you. Maybe you should start now and then you learn to be grateful good things to come replace the bad things. You can start by thanking wake up fine in the morning.

7. Continual complaining

Actually, one thing will actually complain a lot more other things which you complain. And certainly all people are bothered by people who like to complain.

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