7 Animal Bizarre World

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7 Animals in The World's Bizarre are some of the world's strangest animals, but there 7Top Animal in the strangest animal we need to know in 7 Animals Bizarre World.

1. Frog Head 3

1. Kodok Kepala 3
Discovered in England by a child. It is said that hell, the frogs believes if there is a result of environmental pollution that causes mutations. This three-headed frog due according to the adaptation of the environment that makes it metamorphosed frogs.

2. Kitten's first

2. Anak Kucing Mata 1
Had thought photo manipulation results, but apparently not. Life for 1 day, and did not have a nose.

3. Headless Chicken

3. Ayam Tanpa Kepala
Being able to survive for 18 months without a head. However, these chickens can survive because most of the core of the brain and ears still in his body. Mike is a chicken who get into the Guinness world of records.

4. Purple bear

4. Beruang Ungu
Pelusa, a female polar bear has a purple fur after receiving treatment for the skin. Pelusa can be found at the Mendoza City Zoo in Argentina. But a few days later, feather Pelusa back to its original color, which is white.

5. Dolphins

5. Lumba-Lumba
Ditemuin dolphin in Pear River Delta is not lumba2 usual. Many developing assumptions about the dolphins, but do not know which one correctly.

6. 6-legged cow

Diberi nama Cham Lenk, yang artinya aneh.
Cham named Lenk, which means weird.


Largest sea fish Sunfish oddest kind. He has a nearly round shape, and a well-flat. Weighing until 2 ton and 3 m in length. His head was almost 3x the length of the entire body.

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