7 Tips To Seduce Women

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Who does not want a partner. most men do seduction only to the extent that's it. long seduction were still in use, so the woman quickly tired of hearing it. 7 Tips To Seduce Women following the if is executed, hopefully your goals will be achieved.

1. Eye gaze

Learn gaze and direction of his eyes as he spoke, when he looked to the right of the mean is thinking about the future and vice versa if you look to the left down, which was a period lalulah mind.

2. Relaxed

Do not be too pushy to talk to him, when he suddenly had to go, you do not need too shocked and jumped and said "Ok .. Ok .. I'll see ya .. "but just relax and say" Asik ya talk to you, sometime we talk again? Ok .. byee .. "He gave attention and avoid" jutex "or pretending ga need .. You need him right?

3. Joke

Throw light humor or jokes, jokes to warm the atmosphere, or if you see her smart ass .. you should play dumb and continue to watch his words and nodded, the girl will think you are a thoughtful listener.

4. Do not Lie

Look and make sure that you master what you say, do not try to tell you that you're not or are you over-exaggerated. Avoid the word "I" too often. Expand the word "ooohh so yes .." or "hmmm .. you're right .. "If you slip up with words that trap, set it with a joke and make a new humor of the condition. Do not need to stress but smart and fun.

5. Confident

Try starting talks with him, talk confidently, but do not attempt to cool, clever, knowingly or jaim, usually sometime. Maybe start a fake but believe me he will respond you naturally

6. Concentrate

Sit close to him and keep a distance of approximately 2 seats, do not look from the neck down, but try talking face-to-mouth.

7. Serious

Do not be too often joked note if you joke with a fake smile in reply. If she smiles without moving the muscles in his eyes clearly means it's fake.

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