7 True Story Stranded on the island not inhabited

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Ever watch the movie Cast Away? the dibintang Tom hanks, told a Fed Ex employee, who later while on his way to deliver the package consignment sudden storm blocking and the host aircraft struck by lightning and was stranded in an island deserted, long story short 4 years later only accompanied doi volleyball named Wilson plans to leave the island with a raft of palm trees. approximately 7 true story below as it

1. John F. Kennedy and Crew (1917 - 1963) --- Defense: 6 Days in Rock Island and Olasana

In 1943, John F. Kennedy was then aged 26 years as skipper of PT-109 boat. And on a night Japanese destroyers suddenly appeared and destroyed the PT-109 ships manned the JFK crew, a crew of as many as 2 died at the scene, while the survivors and wounded - wounded dove into the water and paddling their shipwreck on an island Nearby is 6 miles! with sharks and crocodiles that threaten to end their nearest kepulau after traveling for 5 hours! and for 2 days they were without food and water in the rock islands, and the ideas they seek JFK larger island was then named Olasana and can survive by eating coconuts. They were all discovered by scouts after 6 days.
Interesting Facts: Island where the crew had been stranded Kennedy's main attraction, and has been renamed Kennedy Island.

2. Leendert Hasenbosch [1695 - 1725] Survive: Approximately 6 Months in Ascension Island

Was a Dutch soldier who worked as a book keeper pad VOC / librarian, he was convicted for having sodomized, (i do not know anyone who disodominya tuh), he was later discharged on May 5, 1725 kesebuah uninhabited islands that supplied water to the ration of one month! seedlings, gospel, clothing and tools to write. Hasenboch Trust who died in tragic condition by Seafarers UK in January 1726 after surviving 6 months by eating sea turtles, sea birds and drink their own urine! Interesting fact: The British sailors had found a diary, which was published and translated into English.

3. Captain Charles Bernard (1781 - 1840) --- Defense: 18 Months Eagle Island

In 1812, the British ship stranded on the island of Isabella Eagle (Eagle Island) part of the Falkland Islands which commanded Captain George Harrington. Then meraka discovered by American fishing vessels Nanina which commanded Captain Charles Bernard, but the captain realized that they need a lot of food relief to see the condition of those who are not likely to find food, and then the captain with four person crew go to look for food on the island. When the captain was gone the British crew took over the ship and left nanina Captain Bernard and his crew on the island!. Lucky they can all finally rescued after 18 Months! precisely in November 1814. Photo above shows shelter bernard captain and his crew, from a passing shape so that ships can easily see them, not easy also c, new evidence after 18 months have a look at them.

Interesting fact: In the night rescue by the crew of the British ship Isabella captain could talk - talk to them and tell all origins mereka.yang incidentally at that America is at war with the British, because the British crew members may not want to be brought to America and be prisoners, they thought they'd better take over the ship and escape Nanina brought to the United States, (should the captain did not say much).

4. There Blackjack (1898 - 1983) --- Defense: 2 years on Wrangel Island

In the fall of 1921 a team of five people who led by Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Arctic expedition planned to hold the goal to claim an island in the disputed region between Canada and the UK with the name Wrangel Island north of Siberia. 23 year girl Eskimo There Blackjack hired by them for a fee of $ 50 U.S. a month as a cook and seamstress, Ada Blackjack need the money for her son who was suffering from tuberculosis, they plan to walk for 1 year while supplies they had brought only for 6 months. they can not find enough food and began to starve so that in January 1923 the three of them try to find help. While There are left with four men who are sick to care for them, time passes and the three men never returned to the 4 people who he has treated eventually died as well. There is however also learn how to survive, until she was rescued in August 1923 by a former colleague of Stefansson's. The money he got from the expedition then he used to take his son went to Seattle.

Interesting fact: There's no getting all his salary for two years he joined the expedition, but he did not get the slightest advantage of the very popular book published by someone other than the story of the struggle of his life.

5. Alexander Selkirk (1676 - 1721) --- Defense: 4 Years 4 Months on the island of Mas' a Tierra

Alexander Selkirk was a Scottish sailor skilled as the Navigator, the skills that doi designated as master or as the most skilled sailors in cinque Ports. Since the ship is not feasible (often fought with the Spanish fleet), the middle way home from fishing doi worried the ship would sink, and look for the nearest island. In September 1704 Doi finally reached an island uninhabited island of Más a precisely Tierra 400 miles off the west coast of Chile, he took some clothes, muskets, some tools, a Bible and tobacco. Initially calm Doi wrote just read the Bible but it soon became clear that the rescue was not imminent, then swiftly doi made the atmosphere on the island that was uninhabited and unkempt made to be more comfortable in the company of rats, goats and cats as friend . Finally the month of February 1709 two British ships anchored in the island and the DOI can be saved.

In 1713 Doi tells all his experience for 4 years and 4 months on the island, but many people do not believe in the story, six years after it launched a novelist Daniel Defoe novel that is very popular and best-selling story of Alexander Selkirk with the name "Robinson Crusoe ". Interesting fact: In 1966 Mas' a Tierra was renamed Robinson Crusoe Island, at about the same time Juan Fernandez archipelago was renamed Alejandro Selkirk Island.

6. John Adams and the Bounty Mutineers (1768 - 1829) --- Defense: Pitcairn islands

After the uprising in England's famous 1789 and a few months of sailing around the eastern island of Fiji John Adams and the Bounty Mutineers decided to settle in uninhabited Pitcairn Islands, to evade the British Navy boarded the boat burned and sank them towing. those on the island nine crew ship 6 people Tahiti boy and 11 girl one of them having a baby. Long story short they can not go back and live life, have a descent on the island, because the population is growing so much from the people who live in Australia and New Zealand.

Interesting Facts: Then in 1808 the ship "Topaz" arrived at Pitcairn Island and settled with Adams found a peaceful society, more than ten Tahitian women (including my wife) and a few children. Royal Navy or Royal Navi who gave him clemency in 1825, and died four years later doi. Also: Pitcairn's capital, Adamstown, is named for John Adams.

7. Juana Maria, October 18, 1853 --- Survive: 18 Years on the island of San nicholas

San Nicholas Island was once a prosperous island for a bloody conflict with the seal hunter russia island's population plummeted to just 20 people alone from 1835 native american (For residents there opposed to hunting seals in the waters). in 1835 on the orders of Charles Hubbard, Santa Barbara, USA decided to launch a rescue mission to the island of San Nicholas is to take the rest of the population who are still alive, when the ship arrived at the island's entire population then transported to the ship but Juana maria left alone on the island because the storm came fast.

in 1850, a missionary priest from Santa Barbara Gonzalez, ordered Thomas Jeffries to find Juana Maria to pay 200 U.S. $, but failed. Although the expedition failed to return from the expedition, Thomas Jeffries could tell all obstacles, and in 1853 the expedition led by Captain George Ndiver made it to the island of San Nicholas and found footprints and how surprised the captain found a woman dressed in leather and fur duck wild sewn together, he lived in a place that is made of whale bone. After being taken to Santa barbara and only 7 days later he died of dysentery, he died before being baptized in the name of Juana Maria, not many stories are peeled from the testimony of Juana Maria because of the limitations of language, his real name was not ever know. Interesting Fact: The story of Juana Maria then recorded with judl "Island of the Blue Dolphin"

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