7 Types of Rabbit in the World

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Rabbits are mammals of the family Leporidae, they are widely dispersed from Africa, Europe, Asia, and the other hemisphere. Noted there are more than 72 species of rabbits are known to spread in almost all the corners, and if only there was some kind of guming in Indonesia today, including:

1. Angora Rabbits

7 Types of Rabbit in the World
Angora rabbits known from Ankara. In the 1700s meraka famous french and began to spread to European countries, such as Britain and Germany. Angora rabbit fur characterized by a thick and creamy diseliruh parts of his body surface. In adulthood they can weigh up to 2.0 kg - 4.0 kg and aged 5-7 years depending on the type of Angora iru own. there are several kinds of Angora, including English Angora, French Angora, Giant (giant), and satin.

2. Lop rabbit

7 Types of Rabbit in the World
Lop rabbit has a very distinctive characteristics, namely the ears that hang down. Unlike other rabbits generally have erect ears. But at an early age not indicated lop rabbit ears that koploh, until the age of 2-4 months before they see a change in the position of the ears. Overview of this type such as dogs, interesting, and very funny so popular many people.

3. Flemish Giant Rabbit

7 Types of Rabbit in the World
the need to make bunny rabbit meat and farmed this type favored largely due to the relatively larger size than other kinds of rabbits. If normal growth, minimal weight rabbits can weigh 5-6 kg, and they can still achieve more than that, even reportedly reached 13kg.

4. Rex Rabbit

7 Types of Rabbit in the World
Rex rabbit fur has a typical soft and velvety. Rex was first discovered in France from wild descent in 1919. They became known as published in the Paris International Rabbit Show in 1924. And in seteahnya rex began imported into the United States in large numbers. Their exotic feathers when sufficient commercial use as raw material jacket or clothing accessories danmencapai $ 8-10 dollars per share before processing.

5. Dutch Rabbit

7 Types of Rabbit in the World
Rabbits type characterized in fur color patterns. As shown in the figure below. They include the type of mini-sized rabbit or dwarf, weighing only 1-2 kg adult stem. However ducth rabbit breed, known as the Dutch rabbit is a rabbit gets 10 ratings category most favored by breeders and pet lovers.

6. Rabbit English Spot

7 Types of Rabbit in the World

  Rabbit is derived from the English they begin bred in the 19th century. English spot rabbit has a black stripe on the back, black coat color is also visible around the eyes, nose, and ears. In the abdomen there are black spots. adult rabbits can weigh 5-8 pounds.

7. Himalayan Rabbits / Rabbits Russia

7 Types of Rabbit in the World
This rabbit has another name or rabbit rabbit china russia. Himalayam rabbit white with color interspersed around the nose, ears, tail, and legs after they grow up with pink eye. Himalayan has a standard 2.5 to 4.5 kg weight, slim body and tube-like moment lay. In the wild rabbits are active at night and sleep during the day.

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