7 Ways to Create a Blog Number 1

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In World Website or Blog of course, many of us want to be famous website or blog and be number one in the search engines, one of which is Google. many ways that we can do to make your blog famous and be number one. The following 7 ways to blog or website famous and be number one in search engines.

1. Expand Article

This is a very powerful way to make us the number one blog. proven on paper Athletics blog belongs to me, that when I multiply my paper that has so far reached 1000 papers, has made my blog and got the number one ranking google pagerank 1. and I just got it for 4 months.

2. Commitment

Cultivate your commitment to the theme of the blog that you manage. if the theme is paper, then your blog should contain at least 80% of the paper, do not mix-mix. this will make the visitors feel at home and are interested in your blog if your blog is well-known as a paper-themed blog blog variety of paper mine. and if there are different themes you should specialize and do not mix category with the category theme you created.

3. Ping

Ping is one message that when we update the article, then when we publish through automatically ping the article will be seen and read by search engines. but not too much ping, quite a few times.

4. Update

Diligent, diligent updating your article. the more often you update, the more often your blog will be known. if it can not be a day in some articles, then you can do it once a week or once a month.

5. Backlink

backlink is one way to introduce and make us the number one blog. backlinks can be done with a fellow blogger that often we exchange links with the term, nor can we do to install and register our blog to different providers and free automatic backlinks.

6. Comment

Comment is one to make our blog visitors crowded, this is due to that of any comments we would be embedded URL address our blog which will be clicked by the owners know that we have commented on the blog. so .., the more you comment, the more often people click on our blog through comments earlier.

7. Age

Age blog is one way of Search engines look at and take into account the authenticity of our blogs. the old blog, so the higher the popularity of our blog before search engines.

7 Ways to Create a Blog That is No. 1. I write this based on experience and proven.

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