7 Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair

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Hair is one of the crown humans. Hair also dominating presence everyone especially my appearance for women. done so many different ways to be lush and healthy hair. The following 7 Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair do.

1. Combing and brushing hair

Combing and brushing your hair every day is not just a tidy up and clean the hair, but also improve the blood supply thus activating activity of the scalp cells. Use a comb with wide spaced teeth and a fluffy brush.

2. Use the right shampoo

Choose a shampoo for dry hair, normal, oily, dandruff, etc., according to the condition of your hair. Wash your hair at least twice a week. Always wash with shampoo after swimming in the sea or the pool to get rid of salt and chlorine can damage the hair follicles. Make sure you always rinse hair thoroughly after wash.

3. Use conditioner

Use conditioner after shampooing reduces the effort needed to fix my hair and make it more manageable. Use conditioner is especially needed when your hair is dry. Dry hair wet and not too hard rub your hair with a towel. When hair is wet, its structure is more fragile and should be avoided combing or brushing too strong. Vary the hairstyle. If wearing hair styles that require pulling on the hair should be interspersed with looser hairstyles to avoid the constant pull causes tension follicle so hair loss.

4. Keep adequate protein

Since hair consists of protein (keratin), it is important for you to follow a diet adequate protein to maintain hair production. Protein is found in meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, cereal, soy and nuts. Do not be obsessed with hair problems. Do not touch or pull hair constantly.

5. Do not wear a wig

The use of wigs should be avoided because it makes your scalp can not breathe properly and strangle your follicles limp. Hijabs, helmets, or caps do not damage your hair like a wig, provided careful when putting on and let go.

6. Avoid sunburn to the scalp

We all know why the sun could have serious consequences for overall health. Sunburn to the scalp can also cause hair follicles are not able to maintain due to burns.

7. Not dyed her hair Chemical Substances

Changing the hairstyle or hair dyed with chemicals will damage the hair job growth ecosystems. if this is done continuously, then your hair will be damaged and overgrown gray hair that should not happen.

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