7 Wedding Cards 2012

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Wedding Cards 2012
Wedding Cards - Make getting married who want a business that can not be underestimated, even if only an invitation card but everyone want the special on their wedding day because all want this event happens once in their lifetime, as a comparison so that you not choose an invitation with an original-origin, so will be served here several trains a wedding invitation card in the 2012's. Here will be described 7 Wedding Cards 2012

1. Stripes

Become motif predicted to dominate the bride wedding invitation card network in the year 2012. Good horizontal, vertical, or color multicolored favorite features, all up to you. But motive thin line and the edge can be the right choice for you who want classic style at once modern. 

2. Jewelry 

Bored with game motifs or pictures? You can make wedding invitation card looks luxurious with stones such as pearls, sequins or rhinestones. For those who have more budget, Swarovski crystals can be beautiful decorations. 

3. Bold and White 

Although the use of color has been a wedding invitation trends for years, but this time white back favorited. Choose a brightly colored invitation, and for appearance 'SLEEK' with white lettering. Simple yet eye-catching. 

4. Flower texture 

Marriage is always identical with flowers. Why do not you use it in the concept of wedding invitations? Choose invitations with three-dimensional flower decoration, look for combinations of shape and type that best suits your party theme. 

5. Materials Couture 

Using unique materials are the latest ideas in wedding invitation trends. Many invitations using velvet, shiny paper and wood. why do not you try acrylic so that they can perform diss?

6. Wrap

Lately envelope no longer be an option to wrap wedding invitation card. This time menngunakan rope tied wedding invitation colors, boxes, or even a small bag. Not even a little, the people choose wedding invitations that can be folded into a few sections (bifold) to be more practical and affordable.

7. Skin or External Display 

Many people combine invitation card with a unique photo and add a little preweddingnya some wise words that shaped string of pearls and love poems said. Please consult with your partner to find an attractive style and design and perfect for your wedding events later and most importantly do not forget to adjust the budget that you have for each wedding invitation card you choose.

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