7 Why of Suicide

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Suicide is an act that is not very well liked by God. But many people assume that they have experienced problems be solved by suicide. The following cases can cause problems in the seventh cause of suicide Suicide occurrence.

1. Depression and Bipolar Disorder

60% of all cases of suicide committed by people who suffer from mood disorders or mood. This disorder is quite extensive, including severe depression and bipolar disorder, which is a disorder characterized by extreme changes in mood. People suffering from prolonged depression suicide is highly risky. While being depressed, patients do not have the energy to commit suicide. But concomitant reduction in symptoms of depression, the energy available to rising suicide.

2. Mental disorders

Around 30% of cases of suicide committed by people who have a mental disorder other mood disorders. For example, post-traumatic stress disorder (post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD), schizophrenia, personality disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders (especially anorexia nervosa), and other conditions. People who have two mental disorders most at risk of suicide once.

3. Alcohol consumption

Alcohol is involved in about 30% of cases of suicide. Alcohol cause depression, reduce barriers to commit suicide and trigger bad evaluation on yourself. These factors are also related to violence and abuse which also increases the likelihood of suicide.

4. Drug side effects

Some cases suicide is due to side effects of prescription drugs or a combination of prescription drugs. Chantix, a drug to overcome the smoking habit have this side effect. Combination of bad drugs can also cause overdose and death.

5. Emotional wounds

Rejection, humiliation or embarrassment can lead people to commit suicide. Experienced social rejection often lead to social isolation also increases the risk of suicide at the end of the 1980s, the study found no link between homosexuality, social rejection and suicide in adolescents, especially in men. Homosexual or bisexual young men at risk of suicide attempt malkukan large than heterosexual men.

6. Guilt

Guilt due to witnessing or experiencing abuse, harassment, fighting, slaughter or violence can be a cause of suicide in some cases.

7. Loss and grief

Grief and loss are also associated with suicide. The loss of a key, occupation, social status, department, asset finance, health, or something else usually trigger sadness. Loss and grief can trigger an existential crisis where people are grieving do not see a reason to continue living. A similar crisis occurs when the loss of social status and resources or financial assurance.

That was seven Cause Suicide occurrence, and expression of hope in this case be a lesson that the world would be no problem, and solve the problem not by suicide.

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