7 Words Most Phenomenal On Twitter

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Many words in Twitter who have collaborated from Gaul pembahasaaan term now. The following seven words summed Most Phenomenal On Twitter.

1. Cukstaw

What is 'cukstaw' it? Several times could scroll the timeline Twitter and find words that funny. And it turns out after a few times asking friends, it turns out cukstaw is an abbreviation of 'know enough'.

2. Bais

If you've ever heard the words used bais on Twitter, know it if bais is slang from exhausted. How could you? Haha ... I do not know who started this word, which he clearly was popular in the world of Twitter.

3. Ciyus

What is the meaning of this word try? And it turns out after asking left and right, over the word of ciyus is serious.

4. Oretz

Guess that's what it means oretz? Yes, that's right! Oretz is a slang word of 'all right'

5. eaaa

Eaaa usually used as hestek behind twit. To do this eaaa? Generally eaaa added for emphasis that the twit who wrote the words that lebay rag.

6. Ubay

Ubay is not an abbreviation of wind you know, but from you and u = bay = Animashaun. Hahaha ... can ONLY.

7. g2gtl

It is not a chemical formula you know. G2gtl stands for not hanging out so you know!

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