7 World's Biggest Animals

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So many animals or animals on earth, ranging from the invisible (bacteria, bacillus, bacteria, etc.), up to the obvious. Well, this time I will discuss about 7 Biggest Animals in the World.

1. African elephant

1. Gajah Afrika
The average weight of an African elephant: 8500 kg

The maximum weight of an African elephant: 13000 kg

The average body length: 6.66 meters

2. White rhinos

2. Badak Putih
Average weight: 2350 kg

Maximum weight: 3850 kg

The average body length: 3.81 m

3. hippopotamus

4. Kuda Nil
Average weight: 2500 kg

Maximum weight: 3400 kg

average body length: 3.35 m

4. Bison India

4. Bison India
Average weight: 1600 kg

Maximum weight: more than 1,800 kg

average body length: 2.99 m

5. giraffe

6. Jerapah
The average weight of a giraffe: 1400 kg

Maximum weight: 2150 kg

Average Height: 4.69 meters

6. Salt Water Crocodile

9. Buaya Air Asin
Average weight: 785 kg

Maximum weight: 1600 kg

The average body length: 6:10 meters

7. Wild buffalo

10. Kerbau Liar
Average weight: 770 kg

Maximum weight: 1250 kg

The average body length: 3.18 m

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