7 World's Most Expensive Toys

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Most of the toys below which makes it the most expensive because of gold, diamond, crystal, ruby and sapphire. Here are 7 World's Most Expensive Toys.

1. Barbie Fancy Diamonds

7 Mainan Termahal Di Dunia

 Price: 850 Million
That make expensive: 160 grains of mini gems and white gold jewelry

2. Etch a Sketch Fancy Swarovski Crystals

Etch a Sketch Berhias Kristal Swarovski

Price: 15 Million Euro
That make expensive: Have 14,400 crystal grain

3. Sidney Mobell Monopoly board

Papan Monopoli Sidney Mobell

 Price: 10 Billion Euro
That make expensive: All boards, cards and games or fruit made ??from 23 carat gold and a house decorated with rubies, diamonds and sapphires

4. Go Kart Ferrari

Go Kart Ferrari

That make expensive: The battery for 3 Million and Fully made ??of fiber glass and steering that can be lifted just like the model F1, disc brakes on all four wheels, the transmission 3 levels (including reverse), rubber tires, full suspension including leather seating

5. Neiman Marcus M. dan Mrs. Potato Head

Neiman Marcus M. & Mrs. Potato Head

Price: 90 Million Euro
 That make expensive:
Covered 23,000 Swarovski crystal grains with 14 different colors

6. Ball Most Expensive in the World

Bola Paling Mahal di Dunia

Price: 13 Billion Euro
That make expensive:
Made of gold and jewels

7. Cold Fusion Yo-Yo

Cold Fusion Yo-Yo

Original price: 1.5 million Euro
 Auction Price: 160 Million Euro

  That make expensive:

- Made from a special aluminum for aircraft, as with a special design

- Added special brakes that can respond to your hand movements more quickly.

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