A History Revisionist: Orlando Figes

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The first three books that were written by Mr. Orlando Figes were all about the Civil war and the Russian Revolution. His book entitled “Peasant Russia, Civil War (1989)” was a highly detailed book and a proof of study about the Volga region’s peasantry during the years 1917 up to 1921 which The Revolution and the Civil war occurred. Mr. Figes used the soviet archives of the villagers where he was able to emphasize the nature of the revolution in the year 1917 up to the year of 1918 which was the Agrarian Revolution. In his book, Mr. Figes was able to show how the revolution was developed through the statements of the traditional peasant notions of the Provisional Government’s social justice, independently. This includes the Bolsheviks and other urban based groups. 

Mr. Orlando Figes effectively showed how the rural Soviets functioned and transformed during the moments of the Civil War as they were beaten by the peasants and migrant townsmen who are more literate and younger. Also, many of them came from the Red Army Soldiers or the veterans of World War I. They then became the rural bureaucrats of the growing regime of Bolshevik. One of his literary works which is entitled as “A People’s Tragedy” which was released in the year 1996 was a highly detailed and graphic view of the 1891 Revolution history up to the death of Vladimir Lenin in the year 1924. In this book, Mr. Figes was able to fuse the political history as well as the social history and effectively transition it through the narrative personal stories of the public. One of the oral history contributors is the writer, Maxim Gorky, General Alexei Brusilov and Prince Georgy Lvov as well as other unknown workers and peasants.

Mr. Orlando Figes goal that he has achieved with his literary works is that he wants to present the revolution as an event of sophisticated individual tragedies not just a stream of social forces and icons fused in a jargoned order. Because of the books that he have authored he created a reputation of being one of the so called ‘revisionist’ of history about the revolution who successfully attempted in explaining the political development in the social history.

Mr. Figes works so far are: Peasant Russia, Civil War: The Volga Countryside in Revolution, 1917-1921; A People’s Tragedy: Russian Revolution 1891-1924; Interpreting the Russian Revolution: The Language and Symbols of 1917; Natasha’s Dance: A cultural History of Russia; The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia; and the Crimea: The Last Crusade. Mr. Figes’ books now plays quite a vital role in historical studies that is why it has been translated into French, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Czech, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Latvian, Estonian, Serbian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Greek, Georgian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

Orlando Figes was brought into life in London in the 20th day of November, 1959. Born within the family of writers, he finds great pleasure in writing as well. His mother, Eva Figes, is a feminist writer who single-handedly raised their family. She wrote a number of non-fiction and about thirteen novels mostly regarding feminism.

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