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Typically, for a daughter who is an adult, young women who are working diperantauan, girls who joined her husband wandered out of town or abroad, the girls were at school or college away from her parents ..... will often feel completely miss with her mother.

And what about the father?

Maybe it's because women are more often called to ask are you every day, but you know, if it turns out the father was the one who reminded Mom to call you? Maybe once when you're little, my mother was the one who more often take storytelling or berdongeng, but you know that after you work with a tired face and he always asked Mom about are you and what do you do all day? By the time you are a little girl ...... He would teach her little daughter to ride a bike. And after Father mengganggapmu can, I will help in your bicycle wheel release ...

Then Mother said: "Not yet Dad, do not be removed once wheels help him",
Mom scared daughter fell and injured sweetness ....
But realize you?

That Dad will let you confidently, look at you, and keep you pedaling carefully because he knows his little daughter SURE CAN.

By the time you're crying whining asking a new doll or toy, she looks you iba .. But I will say unequivocally: "Sure, we buy it later, but not now"

Do you know, my father did it because I do not want you to be a spoiled kid with all the demands that can always be met?

When you have a cold sore, my father was too afraid to yell sometimes a little by saying:
"It's in say! You do not drink cold water ".
Unlike Mother's attention and advise gently.
Behold, at that time my father was really worried about doing.

When you've got older ....
You start demanding the father for permission to go out at night, and my father be firm and say: "No way!".
Know ye that the Father do that to take care of you?
Due to the father, you are something very - very unusual precious ..

After that you're mad at Dad, and into the room, slamming the door ...
And who came knocking on the door and persuade you not to be angry is the mother ....
Know ye that at that time my father closed his eyes and held in inner turmoil,
That father was eager to follow your wishes, but once again he MUST take care of?

When when a guy started to call you often, or even come to the house to see you,

Dad would put on the world's coolest .... : ')
Dad occasionally eavesdropping or peeping while you are chatting together in the living room ..

Do you realize, if my father was feeling jealous?
When you begin to be more trusted, and he relaxed a little rule to leave the house for you, you will be forced to violate curfew.

So that made my father was sitting in the living room, waiting to go home with a heart and a very worried ...
And after feeling worried that drawn - ...
When looking at her little daughter came home late at night I will harden the hearts and father scold .. .
Do you realize, that's because it is feared that Daddy is coming soon?

"That little girl will soon leave the Father"
After graduating high school, I will force you to be a little degree.
Know that all coercion exercised father was alone - the eyes just thinking about your future later ...
But still keep smiling father and support you when your choice is not in accordance with the wishes of my father ..

When you're a big girl ..... And you have to go to college in the city More ...
Dad should let you at the airport.

Did you know that the body feels stiff Father to hold you?
He just smiled and gave this advice - it is, and tell you to be careful. .
And dad wanted to cry like a mother and hugged her tight.

That father did was wipe a little tear in the corner of his eye, and pat your shoulder saying "Take care of yourself well yes dear".
Dad did it all so that you STRONG ... strong to go and become adults.
When you need money to pay for half the money and your life, the first was my father frowned.

My father must have tried hard to find a way for her to feel the same as her other friends.
When the request is no longer just asking a new doll, and I know he can not give what you want ....

The words that come out of the mouth of my father was: "No ..... No way! "
Whereas in the inner father, he really wanted to say "Yes dear, I'll buy you a father."

Did you know that at that time my father was failing to make child smile?

It's time you graduated as a scholar.
My father was the first to stand and applaud you.
Dad will smile with pride and satisfaction to see "spoiled little girl who did not manage to grow up, and have become one"

Until a friend Lelakimu came to the house and asked permission from her father to take you.
Dad would be very careful giving permission ..
Because I know ......

That man that will replace him later.

And finally ....
When the father saw you sitting on stage with one man weddings that regard it appropriate to replace him, Dad was smiling happily .....
Do you know, it's a happy day my father went backward stage briefly, and weep?

Dad cry because papa is very happy, then Daddy pray .....
In his prayer to God quietly, Dad said:

"My God, my God ..... My little daughter was cute and I love a beautiful woman ....
Bahagiakanlah she and her husband ... "

After that my father could only await with grandchildren who occasionally come to visit ...
Dad had completed the task to take care of .....

Dad, Dad, or Abah us ... It is a figure that should always look strong ...
Even when he was not strong enough to not cry ...
He should look firm even when he wants to indulge you. .

And he was the first person who always believed that "YOU CAN" in every way ..

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