All about Beach Bicycles

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Introduced in the 1960s, beach bicycles now boast a stylish appearance that gel perfectly well with its functionality. Sleek and comfortable, beach bicycles are the best way to relax and look good while riding on the beach. These can also be customized as per user requirements; for instance, you can fit them with horns, bells, lights, and other accessories to suit your preferences. Designed for laidback cruising on the beach, it has now evolved into a sleeker and faster machine.

Beach Bicycles: Interesting Features

Beach bicycles are characterized by their wide tires that facilitate easier navigation through sandy beaches and concrete roads. They also have extended handlebars, front and rear baskets, shock absorbers and wider seats for enhanced rider comfort. Its rear fenders are also strengthened with supporting wheels to enable carrying a small child. It may also have detachable hanging baskets, similar to those present on motorbikes. They are also lightweight, which makes riding and maneuvering them easier.

Things to consider while purchasing beach bicycles

If you intend to purchase these versatile beach bicycles, you need to consider factors such as your cycling habits, needs and the roads you will navigate. Besides, you must also consider:

· Tire treading and dimension: Different bicycles have different tire dimensions and treading (some with over 2” thickness). While riding on hilly terrains require thinner tires, riding on the beach requires thicker tires. Besides, riding on the beach also requires weaker gripping treaders; while mountain bikes should have stronger gripping treads. This is because stronger grips on the beach will make pedaling difficult, thus adversely affecting mobility. Riders should also look for lightweight tires (which decrease the overall weight of the bicycle) to enhance their riding comfort. However, do make sure that the tire is also durable and has the right dimensions. At the beach, bigger tires give riders the extra distance essential for riding on the sands.

Finally, it is important to buy high-quality bicycles from reputable bicycle stores. Low-priced stuff usually does not last long and problems begin to show up after a few rides. Some problems include tire wear and tear and misaligned wheels. These problems increase rider exertion and hamper with a smooth ride. So, if you already own a lower-end model, try upgrading to a higher-end one and notice the difference. Higher end models not only offer a great ride, but also require very little maintenance.

To find the best deals, you can browse through online stores that offer high-quality bikes and bicycles. They offer many designs, models and colors and huge discounts and deals from time-to-time. Online stores also offer a range of accessories, such as lights, helmets and strapping items. While helmets safeguard you from injuries (many states have their own helmet laws), strapping items help you locate your bike in case it is misplaced in a parking area. Online stores offer a range of bikes to suit various budgets and lifestyle.

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