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Cycling is considered to be one of the most effective forms of exercise as it is considered a leisure activity with several health and fitness benefits. Offering numerous advantages, a bike provides a fast and energetic workout which can generate definite shape and tone in particular areas such as the thigh, calf, and even abdominal regions. More importantly within a society engrossed by staying in shape through exercise, cycling can promote improved blood circulation while also alleviating stress levels, particularly through cycle path journeys through picturesque landscapes.

Similar to all other major sports, events such as the Tour de France and the Summer Olympics can lead to a ‘bike boom’ which constitutes increased sporting profile and general outside interest of cycling plus increased sales figures for cube bikes and cube mountain bikes. Such events generally attract interest from all quarters, but this can be elevated within a country in which an individual representing their nation has achieved success; Sir Chris Hoy in Beijing 2008 and most recently Mark Cavendish’s points classification in the 2011 Tour de France are particular cases in point. Such sporting achievements can inspire a nation and encourage the public to purchase a bike to enjoy the true aesthetic nature of cycling with regards to taking it up as a leisure activity.

For those inspired by Mark Cavendish’s recent Tour de France exploits, Tweek Cycles offers a wide range of cycling accessories both in store and online to suit the needs of individuals of all ages and gender. Based in Wrexham, the cycling enthusiasts offer a mass array of bikes and cycling gear from leading brand names. Entering Tweeks Cycles - Mountain Bikes into any search engine will demonstrate the vast range of bikes available to those interested in purchasing a bike. Road bikes are also available for those who want to integrate exercise into their daily routine by cycling to work to generate improve health and fitness spurred on by sporting achievements in cycling.

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