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Before the collapse of the New Order in 1998, Arifin Panigoro name only known limited circle as an entrepreneur in the oil. Her social circle more with Pertamina and the international oil businessman. However, when reforms amid "very pregnant" marked by widespread student demonstrations, political awareness Arifin rise. He has become a symbol of the rise of political entrepreneurs. Not only that, he participated actively assist the movement of students, including preparing lunch pack to be sent to students who were staged at Parliament House Senayan, Jakarta.

Alumni Electronical Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in 1973 started its business not directly be the boss in Meta Epsi Drilling Company (Medco). Before the 1980's, initially it was just as electric installation contractor door to door. Further pipeline project start on a small scale. Once there is a large diameter projects, it is not serving local businesses, but foreign businessmen. So, every Pertamina tender for installation of the pipe, then the foreign companies win due to pipaline need heavy equipment. The equipment is generally only owned by foreign companies.

Conditions that made him think, local entrepreneurs should also be given the opportunity or assistance to be able to handle a large pipeline, and not only given small jobs. In 1981 he ventured to start getting a large diameter pipeline projects. For that job, he worked closely with foreign companies. Deal him, when a project is completed, the result is that equipment. Partners agree, the project was completed. Since it's a tool he was looking for projects everywhere.

In addition to holding foreign partners, support and protection from the government would be required. No way a newly established local entrepreneurs and have no experience can suddenly compete with foreign companies with experience in the oil industry for decades. Took external partners and government support that is the way local businesses can open the door to broader business sector. Thus, competition with foreign companies can do.

Everything starts from the stage of getting local businesses working on a large project. Examples are experienced with the flag of Medco occurred in 1979-1980 when the oil boom, the State Secretariat took the initiative to build an oil refinery because no additional budget. At that time, the government intends to insert the element of guidance for local businesses, including Medco. At that time, the construction of refinery Cilacap, Medco mated with one company from United States. Finally, Medco who do not know anything about plumbing, to be understood.

Similarly, when starting a business of oil drilling in 1981, is also not free from government assistance. According to Arifin, the year that Medco became a great starting point. At that time, it has proximity to the Director General of Oil and Gas Wiharso local businessmen who wanted no drilling services project. Incidentally there are government capital to Pertamina wants gas drilling in South Sumatra.

Government encouraged to participate in the tender, although no drilling equipment. The government summoned the chance to win foreign companies are required to rent equipment, or use a person as a partner Medco. Government's goal was to raise a local businessman. However, the response of the foreign companies that make Mr. Wiharso tersingung and void. Then Mr. Wiharso asked to work on the project alone. Arifin did not believe the decision because he has no experience drilling.

As a result, he was desperate for a tendered project in 1979 should already be started in 1980. With a feeling of assurance, he accepted the challenge. Early stage he instructed the staff to have the English skills to explore drilling equipment sales centers in the U.S.. Only when there is certainty and know the price, he flew from Jakarta to Houston, USA. It was his first trip to the U.S. experience. Have capital "English Tarzan" and 300 000 dollars cash, he made a deal with the owner of the goods. As a result, the deal goes bad.

Sellers of goods requested within two weeks of goods worth $ 4 million already paid, otherwise payment forfeited 300,000 U.S. dollars. He was forced to accept the terms of the offer because the position of the poor. After that he was to fly to Indonesia. So long trip economy ticket, arrived in Indonesia immediately sick. However, the harsh conditions he attempted to meet with the Governor of Bank Indonesia, Rachmat Saleh, then to Pertamina.

How was the last step to do because he is still a businessman "baby". Lucky, Mr. and Mr. Piet Haryono Wiharso provide recommendations Medco should help. Liquid funds at the threshold of any agreement. Projects can run the government under timed conditions. To assistance provided by the government, the judge Arifin very positive that local businesses are able to compete. However, it remained to be done right because if not, be misguided. This is where the difficulty, sometimes the protection it gives the opposite result. While the protection given, the employer even be spoiled.

After the pioneering efforts of the late 80s, Medco start heyday in 1990. Before 1990 Medco always work with a third party and to go in there and not just a matter of perseverance and normative consistency, but also the hands of our affairs as a determinant. Because, to hunt down one well no oil for thousands of dollars, but millions of dollars and it was not necessarily meet the oil. However, the desire to be independent persists, then in 1990 for the first time Arifin buy oil wells in Tarakan, East Kalimantan, worth 13 million U.S. dollars. The field is capable of producing 4000 barrels per day (bpd). In 1995, the oldest oil well buy another PT Stanvac Indonesia owned by ExxonMobil, which until recently owned Medco total production reached 80,000 bpd.

Perhaps this is the most brilliant achievements of Arifin and his company, Meta Epsi Drilling Company (Medco). Purchase Stanvac won through tender later renamed the expan. With the purchase, PT Stanvac no longer controlled by foreigners because the oldest oil company in Indonesia that has been wholly owned by Medco. The success was supposedly because there are elements of the government's pressure. On the issue, Arifin revealed that he purchased the oil companies through an international tender. To meet directly with the person alone can not. Only after completion of purchase, they can actually meet. He bought it directly. At that time, only 20 million reserves. Then in 1996 the production was encouraged. As a result, the golf course can get 320 million barrels of oil.

Success in the oil industry was making Arifin think others are still in the mining sector. Why can not local people triumphed in the gas, as in oil. In fact, one of Indonesia's largest gas producer in the world and many industries are screaming gas shortage? The statement is often made uneasy. If we look at one side, Indonesia ranks number one in the world in the export of LNG as a lot more gas reserves than oil. Now, the reserves had reached 170 trillion cubic feet (TCF). If the backup was produced, up to 50 years would not be exhausted.

Gas exists outside of Java, but it still must be taken to Java because any price remains attractive. PLN example, if the purchased gas cost only 3 dollars per million metric British thermal unit (MMBTU) is very luxurious. However, when synchronized with the fuel equal to 18 U.S. dollars per barrel. The price was very cheap compared to the price of fuel that must be paid PLN rate of 30 dollars per barrel. But, again, why there was no gas in Java, it's a matter of government policy. So, should Bappenas or Minister for Economy alike wondered if oil prices continue to rely 30 dollars per barrel. Medco sells to Pusri 1.8 U.S. dollars plus the cost of 0.5 cents pipes, it can profit.

This is what he thought the policy was wrong. Similarly, projects built by the State Gas Company, which managed to connect a gas pipeline to Singapore, and then build a pipeline to the island of Java is the wrong policy. Gas in South Sumatra is actually not much more, so it should be taken into Java. But perhaps the government has considered prices in Singapore are probably better. Success in the business world drove her to venture into politics. Initially he had a meeting at the Radisson Hotel Yogyakarta in 1997. Actually it is a regular meeting or discussion. However, the effect is remarkable, especially for Arifin. He is accused of trying to derail the parliamentary session that would authorize President Suharto became the seventh time.

When the action heats up students, Arifin provide consumer assistance to the demonstrators who take action in the House of Representatives. Thousands of boxes of food delivered. Not surprisingly, then arise opinions that Arifin is a character in the action or the financiers behind the students. However, Arifin know that he is not alone. The reform movement is a twist to make things right. The temptation to step in the world of politics continues. In the era of President BJ Habibie, Arifin Panigoro again entangled with the criminal charges of corruption abuse of commercial paper worth more than USD 1.8 trillion. At that time, some people believe dijeratnya Arifin because of its proximity to the student movement. Even during the reign of Megawati, Arifin again tried to pass snared in the prosecutor's case. From the beginning, he believes only dikerjain because there are many parties who are not happy with the political activity that was involved.

His experience as a businessman makes him not surprised by the political practices because in it there is lobbying activities or work, as well as money politics. For him, these days money is his business. From beginning to work as an entrepreneur, he never made a deal with the facilities they had. Likewise, the political affairs is also part of the cross-faction compromise, agreement of all strength. The things that do not always use the money, just the sense that we have something bigger, let's live together. However, the journey was not always smooth, the temptation many. Especially now that the political power of the Suharto era, all relatively new players.

Though accustomed to playing with money, but Arifin admitted to having restrictions in play money. Unfortunately, the political process or political decision-making process, it turns out the money talk. In fact, although he was a businessman, but he wants a business without money. Although he admitted, how the business is not as clean as in the U.S.. In that country, treating over 100 dining dollars included bribes category. He was not so very, but longed for good governance and corporate governance, in order to make this nation a better future.

He was counting, today, money spent on just about anything. He would like to calculate how much total money spent in the local elections in Indonesia, which would cost the budget each region. Do not forget, it's the people's money from taxes. If the leaders play, would inflate the project funds, subordinates would also take part. Thus corruption due to the position can cause a chain reaction, if the funds misappropriated Rp 1 trillion of public money will have lost about Rp 10 trillion for the provincial elections.

More in-depth introduction to the world of politics is when the new parties emerging in 1998-1999 after the fall Suharto presidency. At first, Arifin relationships with various political figures, both public figures who have long known and emerging leaders. When the declaration of the new party was held, Arifin often attend. However, ultimately the choice fell to the Democratic Party of Struggle Megawati-led. Together PDIP, Arifin had sauntered toward Senayan as the DPR / MPR.

For the category of new players in the political world, it is actually fairly good Arifin political career. He can sit in the ranks of the DPP party winning the most votes in the election. He never led the cross-faction, also the Chairman of the Assembly PDIP. However, politics is like a fast-changing weather. Arifin, who is often known as the son of "boarding" in the party bearing the red bull was considered to have less fat loyal to the party and start siding with opponents of his political party heads.

Arifin Panigoro once considered as the inspiration of President Megawati smooth development path to the presidency, is now regarded as a naughty child. The issue was rife that Arifin be dismissed. However, until now, the issue does not bear a reality. On the issue, he contends that he incurred, it looks like he had to make a farewell gathering with friends. But, in fact he was thinking to get out. According to him, if released he would be more than happy. As working people, that can not be stopped severance, if it can even be dismissed severance. Although ready to come out, but the political future remains unclear, and he still could not figure out where to dock. It happened because from 1998 it included non-partisan, though later joined the party. Initially, it comes on every inauguration of the new party, and eventually joined the PDIP.

Arifin himself as a fad opportunist. Or he just want a five-year period, not just be a definite pengusaha.Tetapi, thrifty, silly if you stop and immediately against PDIP, let alone want to overthrow Megawati. If truly a retreat from the world of politics, it is likely he will be relaxing and playing golf in Paris or looking for a special school for those who have lived in the town that has the food delicious. Maybe six months of rest. It also includes people who respect Muslim scholars Noercholish Madjid (Cak Nur). According to him, Cak Nur was not a politician, but are interested in becoming president. When he first became president Arifin expressed interest, including those who came early and asked, the answer was indeed willing. He thought, whoever, he of the different elements than any other politician. Thus, the size can be moral, because morality must also be measurable. At the very least, politicians no little shy. So, Cak Nur nomination, can actually improve the quality of the game.

Regarding family life, the husband of Raisis A Panigoro quite happy. Her kids are great, even the oldest Maera Hanafiah married and blessed with a second child soon. As for the youngest Yaser Mairi was adding education in Singapore in the field of IT. Now, although a bit late, he realized that if he gives less attention to the children, because the working hours are inconsequential. Now, since schools abroad, the children seemed to forget their parents. Although the children were attending school abroad, but none that specifically prepared to replace. First child of a housewife, a second child is not prepared for it. Principally, Medco not the family, so it should be run by professionals. Incidentally, his brother the oil. So, Hilmi Panigoro sitting Medco. He also will not force children to carry on the parents. If the capacity is filled, that's fine if you want to continue. He claimed not to be afraid if the company is held by others, yet all of the assets, the backup is not going anywhere.

Although it has now become "oil barons", husband of Raisis A Panigoro admitted, rich is relative. He claimed never to count, whether he is rich or not, because all of life lived rolling. For him, it's called rich relative, if in Indonesia, as he was already prominent. As someone who was banned several times to travel abroad, he was asked what wealth. As a romantic, she admitted feeling really rich, if you are in a music concert that really preferred. Just now, after enjoying the Javanese gamelan can, then any hearing Javanese music before bed, she felt rich. So rich is quite simple for him, not abundant wealth or power. Arifin also aware, one day will retire as an oil man. However, it does not mean it will remain silent. He plans to focus to another Medco is in agribusiness. Nowadays many people are talking about agriculture. Problems still less cooking oil palm plantation. Maybe it was one of the ports to be headed then.

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