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Born with the name Peter Gene Hernandez or better known by the name of Bruno Mars (born October 8, 1985, age 25 years) is a singer Pop, Hip-Hop, Soul, R & B and songwriter California, United States born in Hawaii. He became famous as a duet with BoB in the song "Nothin 'On You and the release of her single" Just The Way You Are ". because he came from a family who love the arts, especially music. His father, Pete, a New Yorker, is a percussionist. His mother, Bernie, bloody Filipino descent "Puerto Rico", was a hula dancer.

Pete and Bernie have 6 children and introducing them to different types of music, reggae, rock, hip hop, and R & B. Especially for her son Peter Gene Hernandez, Pete Bruno called him by name, since the age of 2 years, the baby stocky, similar to the famous wrestler of that era, Bruno Sammartino. The name was later chosen as his stage name. And when thinking about the last name to Bruno, he immediately thought of the girl who said she was not coming from the earth, which then makes me think of Mars. And so, Peter Gene Hernandez became Bruno Mars, as we know it today. She was born October 8, 1985. And in 25 years of his life, hardly anything has been done in order to hone musical skills. From a young age, he has appeared to imitate and sing songs of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, The Isley Brothers, and The Temptations. At school age, he deepened his love for Elvis, as well as expand his musical knowledge by Prince and The Police.

After finishing school, he was moved to Los Angeles to realize his American Dream. And Lady Luck on his side, when in 2006 he became acquainted with Aaron Bay Schuck, who later became his manager and offered a contract under nauangan "Atlantic Records". Bruno Mars is on the right track towards success! What should he do as a first step to achieve its goals in this industry? Not necessarily be a singer, Bruno started with writing songs for other singers. In appearing in credits for the album Alexandra Burke ('Perfect' from "Overcome"), Travie McCoy ("We'll Be Alright 'from" Lazarus "), Brandy (" Long Distance "from" Human "), four

songs for the album "Tomorrow" belongs to Sean Kingston, as well as mega hit Right Round of the album "ROOTS" by Flo Rida. He's the bomb. And if that's not enough, he also donated his work to Sugababes album entitled "Sweet 7", is the single "Get Sexy" which is the last work by an original girlband member in it, "Keisha Buchanan". Menjalal Bruno began her vocal abilities by providing backing vocals on the song. In addition, with "Philip Lawrence" and "Ari Levine" trio formed "The Smeezingtons" which produced the majority of papers Bruno.

Increasingly PD with his ability behind the scenes, why not appear as guest vocals. Thus began the emergence of the name Bruno Mars as a guest appearance on the album "Far East Movement" "Animal" in the song '3 D ', and also debut "Jaeson Ma"' Love '. Win, is still lacking popularity Bruno lifted to the surface, but then, no one can stop it. We first knew her and her vocals are strong and sexy singles number 1 "BoB" Nothin 'On You also solo debut Travie McCoy' Billionaire '. We made more interested in him than in the two main presenters single. And it's all enough to be a solid foundation to perform themselves. Just The Way You Are was released in the middle of last year. And the result is bigger than ever. So champions in various charts around the world. This song has a powerful chorus, melody and lyrics are memorable, and showcases the best of Bruno Mars. "" He's on the way to the top and there's no sign of stopping! ""

For the Grammy Awards this year, we made were stunned by the appearance of Bruno Mars in 6 categories. "Best Rap Song, Best Rap / Sung Collaboration" and "Record Of The Year" for "Nothin 'On You', 'Record Of The Year" and "Song Of The Year" for "F-k You' sung by Cee-Lo Green, "Best Male Pop Vocal Performance" for Just The Way You Are, and "Producer Of The Year Non-classical" for the trio The Smeezingtons. This could be adding a collection of awards she won, having previously won the Soul Train Music Awards. His debut album "Doo-Wops and Hooligans" which contains 12 tracks were released in late January 2011 in Indonesia. And in a welcome bag kemeriahana sexy man 25 years of success, the CreativeDisc chosen as the spotlight for a whole month in the Artist Of The Month! Second single "Grenade" was less successful baseball. So the number 1 on the charts in various countries in Europe, Australia, Asia, and America. We do not have to think too much of where that voice coming from, cause we're here to enjoy the month of love with his singing! It's Bruno Mars!!!

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