Biography of Christina Aguilera

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Biography Christina Aguilera
Born with the full name of Christina Maria Aguilera was born on December 18, 1980 in Staten Island, New York, United States, widely imitated fashion style most other artists and young people in some countries. Many people compare her voice with famous singer Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. He is a singer and songwriter famous vocal ability and eccentric fashion style or sexy. 

Christina Aguilera, a singer who has the kind of voice sprinto soprano vocals with the kind known to have a strong chestvoice and often referred to as a quality singer. On the MTV special "All Eyes on Christina", John Norris said that Christina had four octave vocal range. Christina also has the ability to sing the whistle register like those of his predecessor, Mariah Carey. However, Christina did not use vocal techniques and prefer to sing with mid-octave voice is strong.

His first visit to China in June 2007 for a concert at the Shanghai Grand Stage enthusiasm greeted the audience. The strict censorship made him include a list of international performers is allowed in China. Femomena Aguilera also raises speculation the Chinese authorities began mgendurkan censorship policy.

Debut album debut is Christina Aguilera (1999) and Back to Basics (2006) also ranks first in the list of 200 best-selling albums Billboard Music Chart with sales of each of more than 250,000 copies and 346,000 copies within one week since the album released to the American market. Christina's second album, Stripped (2002) ranked second with sales of more than 330,000 copies, while the first Christmas album My Kind of Christmas (2000) only managed to occupy position 28. Mi Reflejo launched in 2000 also managed to be at the top of the Billboard album sales selling Latin album version.

During his career, Christina Agulera have earned 18 times nominated for both Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards. Christina received 4 Grammy Awards for Best New Artist (2000), Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (Beautiful - 2004 and Is not No Other Man - 2007) and Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals with P! Nk, Li'l Kim and Mya for single Lady Marmalade in 2002. In the event the Latin Grammy Awards, Christina also managed to get the award for Best Female Pop Vocal Album (2001) for a debut album in the first latin Mi Reflejo.

In 2008, Christina Aguilera released a best album titled Keeps Gettin 'Better - A Decade of Hits. The album was released 11 November 2008 ago. The album contains some of his best singles, from debut album Christina Aguilera (1999), Stripped (2002) and Back to Basics (2006). Keeps Gettin 'Better to be the first single released from this compilation of his best albums. In addition, Christina Aguilera also recorded another new song called Dynamite that will be the second single from the album Keeps Gettin bag 'Better - A Decade of Hits. Christina Aguilera also re-record the previous 2 songs Genie In A Bottle and Beautiful with new musical arrangements.

Up to date, Christina Aguilera has sold more than 42 million album copies worldwide. In 2008, Christina Aguilera announced the name will be immortalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Los Angeles, the U.S. aligned with a number of other public figures. Aguilera is married to a record executive, Jordan Bratman on November 19, 2005. Their first son, Max Liron Bratman, born on January 12, 2008.

Christina had four singles that reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list, among others, Genie In A Bottle (1999), What A Girl Wants and Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You) (2000) and Lady Marmalade (2001). In addition to placing in the top 4 singles, Christina Aguilera also placed several singles in the top ten, among others, I Turn To You (2000), Beautiful and Is not No Other Man (2006) as well as the Keeps Gettin 'Better (2008).

Biography / Profile Christina Aguilera

Name: Christina Aguilera
Place of Birth: Staten Island, New York, USA, December 18, 1980
Job: Singer, Song Writer


Christina Aguilera (1999)
Mi Reflejo (2000)
My Kind of Christmas (2000)
Just Be Free (2001)
Stripped (2002)
Back to Basics (2006)

Single Christina Aguilera

Genie In A Bottle
Genio Atrapado
What A Girl Wants
I Turn To You
Por Siempre Tu
Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)
Nobody Wants To Be Lonely
What's Going On (incorporated in the All Star Tribute)
El Ultimo Audios (together with some latin singer)
Lady Marmalade (with Pink, Li'l Kim and Mya) - OST. Moulin Rouge
Pero me acuerdo de Ti
Falsas Esperanzas
Christmas Times
The Christmas Song (Chestnust Roasting On An Open Fire)
Dirrty (with Red Man)
Can not Hold Us Down (with Li'l Kim)
The Voice Within
Car Wash (with Missy Elliot) - OST. Shark Tales
Til't Ya Head Back (with Nelly)
A Song For You (with Herbie Handcock)
Somos Novios (with Andrea Bocelli) in album Amore
Is not No Other Man
Tell Me (with Diddy's album Press Play)
Slow Down Baby
Oh Mother
Save Me From Myself
Keeps Gettin 'Better

Filmography Christina Aguilera

Mickey Mouse Club (1993 - 1995)
Beverly Hills 90210 (1999)
Saturday Night Live (2000)
Saturday Night Live (2003)
Shark Tale - Singer (2004)
Saturday Night Live (2004)
Saturday Night Live (2006)
Shine a Light (2008)

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