Biography Erwin Perry~Musicians Indonesia

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Erwin Perry was born in Jakarta, May 16, 1962, the second child of seven children and the spouse Sumapraja Sariati Kodiat Perry, he received formal musical education with classical piano lessons for two years, since she was in 4th grade in Jakarta.

Since the 6th grade, he was jamming the amateur band as a bass player. Men born in Jakarta is starting to foray into the music industry and recording in a professional stage in 1980, as a bass player in a group led by Trans Fariz RM. When he was studying in high school in Jakarta. In a period of high school anyway, he started hanging out with the orchestra to play pop music.

He became the bass player in, among others, Telerama Orchestra led by (the late) Isbandi and had regularly appeared on TVRI. In 1970, Perry had few times to play the movie, in the movie stick of Kara (1973), Do not you cry (1974), Permata Bunda (1974) and dawn (1975). In 1980 he became the bassist in the orchestra leader Telerama Isbandi aired on TVRI.

Biography Erwin Perry - Musicians Indonesia

After graduating from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia in 1986, he plunged fully into the field of music. Years 1985-1993 he joined Karimata, a jazz fusion band that released five albums. In 1993 he founded the Erwin Gutawa Orchestra.

In 1985-1993 Erwin was popular as a bass player Karimata fusion group that also create instrumental tracks. Group with the personnel Erwin, Candra Darusman (keyboards), Denny TR (guitar), Aminoto Kosin (piano) and UCE Haryono (drums, then was replaced by Budhy Haryono) was disbanded in 1994.

Perry often producing and arranging music for music concerts, including music concerts Malaiholo Harvey, Ruth, Tim Christensen, Titi DJ, and Kris Kristofferson. In 1970, Perry had few times to play the movie, in the movie stick of Kara (1973), Do not you cry (1974), Permata Bunda (1974) and dawn (1975)

Erwin married to Lufti Andriani feat. They were blessed with two children, Aluna Sagita Perry (Perry Gita), born August 11, 1993, and Aura Aria (Rara) was born July 15, 2007. Currently Gita Perry also helped his son to follow his father's footsteps to become a musician in Indonesia.

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