Biography of Evanescence~Bring Me To My Life

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Evanescence is a rock band from Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. founded by Amy Lee and former guitarist Ben Moody. They both met at a youth camp in Arkansas, where Moody heard Lee playing the song I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Will not Do That) Meat Loaf essay on a piano. Then the couple found out that they were both interested in Jimi Hendrix and Björk. Then they co-wrote songs (the first was "Solitude" by Amy Lee, followed by "Understanding" by Ben Moody, "Give Unto Me" by Amy Lee. Then fourth song they write is "My Immortal").

The songs were then changed little in the lyrics and music by Ashley Hincher. Hence the name were found in the credit. For a moment, they can not find other musicians to play with them and do not have the funds to pay for professional assistance, so they can not play live. But two of their songs "Understanding" and "Give Unto Me", able to enter the local music and demand for live shows increased.

Biography Evanescence - "Bring Me To My Life"

After the group finally berpentas, they eventually become one of the most popular performances in their area. They berpentas use several names including "Childish Intentions" and "Stricken," before deciding to use the name "Evanescence" (which means "berpudar", or "evaporate like smoke"). Amy once said that he loved the name because the name is mysterious and dark, and left a deep impression in the mind of the person. Therefore he wanted to name it.

Their debut album, Origin (released in 2000), is less well known by the community of music lovers. Evanescence also released two EPs, which are now highly sought after by collectors because it is so rare: Evanescence EP (1998) in which there are about 100 copies and, Sound Asleep EP, also known as the Whisper EP (1999), and is limited to 50 copies. Not surprisingly, Origin and second EP contains demo versions of several songs on their debut album. In fact, the recording of the song "My Immortal" is also found in Fallen apart there at Origin, minus a few instruments accompaniment. But Amy Lee himself considered that this record is not a true album, but just a collection of demo songs (where some of them are not well staged) sent to the music companies. Only 2,500 copies of this record ever made and this limits its availability to only a lucky few can afford in the early years or to those who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars. In response, Amy Lee even encouraged fans to download it from the internet in an interview.

Not surprisingly, some companies hijacking selling pirated recordings Origin, usually as "the Russian re-release" and at a high price. It is therefore suggested that fans should not waste their money on a copy of Origin as most likely not the original copies and unfavorable group again. Their first major album "Fallen" has 6x Platinum award, and was for 43 on the Billboard Top 10. Then more than 12 million copies of the album sold.

Evanescence's first major singles: "Bring Me to Life" is a world breakthrough for the band and reached rank-5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, while "My Immortal" is equally popular achieve order-7 in the U.S. . Then the inclusion of these songs in the soundtrack of the movie Daredevil helped them become popular and make their position in the music world is established. Then the single "Bring Me to Life" is also gaining recognition for the band at the Grammy Awards of 2004, where the band was awarded the Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance. At the same time, Evanescence also awarded a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Two singles were released from the album Fallen including "Going Under" and "Everybody's Fool", which also made a video clip. Then the song Breathe No More previously unreleased, including the Elektra movie soundtrack, released in 2005.

On October 22, 2003, Moody abruptly left the band, but was in the midst of a European tour. The reason initially reported because they had "creative differences." But in an interview a few months later, [1], Amy Lee said: "We reached a point where if it is not something halpun change, we will not be able to make a second album."

After that moment, Amy Lee once said that Ben was virtually kepergiaan relief because its presence creates tension in the band. Terry Balsamo from the band Cold replace Moody. Moody has recently admitted in an interview that he suffered from bipolar disorder, but left the drug treatment and alcohol when he was seen disputes by Evanescence. He also said that the song he wrote when his departure suddenly and titled "10/22", originally written to vilify Amy Lee. But after Moody introspection reveals that he is actually talking about himself and not Lee.

Anywhere But Home album was released in 2004 on the format DVD / CD. . This DVD is a recording of their show in Paris along with some backstage features, such as a CD signing and warming up. His own CD contains several songs that were previously unreleased as "Missing", "Breathe No More" (from the Elektra movie) and "Farther Away". Then the CD, there is also a cover song Korn "thoughtless" they've ever played in several live performances.

Amy Lee was asked to write a theme song for the 2005 film version of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but the song was rejected by the producers for being "too dark and epic nature". Lee was then thought to fit the song, but eventually he decided that "he would never compromise on his artwork for anything." Lee has signaled that fans can listen Nanrnia unused in the future. In EvBoard web page, message board official Evanescence, Amy Lee said that nothing is missing and that this song is an interesting material for their new album.

Evanescence now is in preparation for the recording of their third album to be released in the year 2010. The first song from the album was "Call Me When You're Sober". Music video managed to get the top position for nine days on MTV. Music video begins with Amy Lee singing facing upwards and off-screen where he is shown having dinner with a man. At the beginning of the song, Amy Lee singing while stroking a wolf. On the second chorus the song, Amy Lee singing as he went down the stairs and was accompanied by four dancers Gothic themed. While Amy Lee sing, they dance on a regular basis and at the end of the stairs, they posed as if to give force to Amy.

When Amy sing "You never call me when you're sober", Amy and four dancers are up modestly, and Amy flew over slowly. When the beat of songs before the end, the four dancers was also flying and circling to the left and right Amy. At the end of the song chorus, Amy with men had fought at the dinner table, making Amy jump onto the table and kicked all the cutlery and-strange-chairs as well. After kicking all the cutlery and chairs, Amy sang the final verse of "I've made up your mind ..", he was trying to close, but was detained by Amy. Scene ends with a piano Amy held out her head up, and a bit of a laugh.

The band is often equated with nu-metal bands like Linkin Park, POD and Papa Roach, but many fans were refused because the equation is not appropriate because just based on the song "Bring Me to Life" course, which also features vocalist 12 Stones; Paul McCoy's rap-style music playing on some short sections of this song.

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