Biography Joe Cada

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Biography Joe Cada - The Gambling Gods
Joseph "Joe" Cada was born on 18 November 1987 in the United States, he was the youngest nobatkan as a god in the world of gambling. Previous youth 21 years has never been known in the poker player's reputation internationally, often playing the Joker Joe via online. According to sources from the Mail Online, last year's record-breaking Cada youngest winner in the tournament previously held by Peter Eastgate of Denmark, aged 22 years, and previously also the youngest player Phil Hellmuth is 24 years old in 1984. Previously he was an American professional poker player from Shelby Charter Township, Michigan, best known as the winner of the Main Event at the 2009 World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Cada became a representative of Team PokerStars in 2009 in the weeks before becoming World Champion. Cada Anne, the mother of Joe Cada, Cada had a brother named Jerome Cada, Joe Cada's father Jerry, affected by the late-2000s recession have been eliminated / layoffs by a car industry jobs. During the 2009 World Series of Poker's November Nine dozens of fans Cada wearing a t-shirt with the Michigan team colors wolves (maize and blue) with the words, "The Kid PokerStars Michigan Joe Cada", decorated on the front and a baseball cap Michigan with "The Kid" on the back. because many fans Cada then earned the nickname "The Kid". In an interview in Time, Cada estimate about 100 friends who support them.

Cada began playing online poker at about age 16. He was twice risked account, but lost all the money in the account, he along with his brother Jerome. is the first online account with PartyPoker .. Although he was not legally able to play in the casino before the age of 21 years in the United States, he was in Canada at the age of 19 can play poker online. After a brief sabbatical from the game after losing his money, he began playing in a casino in Windsor, Ontario at the Canadian border from Detroit area home before he moved to las vegas. He earned enough money to enter the contest for poker in the Bahamas and Costa Rica.

At the WSOP success, he could play spends approximately $ 2,000 per day in online poker User PokerStars.ID Joe Cada is jcada99. He has been a professional poker player for six years during his world championship. Between late 2008 and November 2009, Cada has obtained the sum of $ 551.788 from playing poker online. Before the tournament, he had a downswing (the savings in the form of chips) for $ 150,000 that requires her to find a backer / financial sponsor for the WSOP. Professional poker Eric Haber and Cliff Josephy online pay him for half his winnings.

Cada enjoy the game "Sunday Major" tournaments at various sites online and says he honed his skills in pursuit of knowledge and experience of the better players in the online training site. He usually hosts poker. Usually, on Sundays, Cada and his friend were about fifteen people playing online at home. Cada has many user ID that he used to play with a variety of online poker host: jcada99 and Joe Cada is an ID that has Full Tilt Poker, ID jcada99 used in Tilt PokerStars and Absolute ID JCADA99 on Tilt Poker.

Biography Joe Cada - The Gambling Gods

By winning the Main Event at age 21, Cada surpassed Peter Eastgate as the youngest champion. Cada has two previous wins WSOP cash, both in 2009. Cada has become a regular online poker player for several years before winning the WSOP event live. He especially poker players online, with more than $ 500,000 in online tournament victory this time in 2010., Total live tournament wins exceed $ 8,550,000.

He is from a family card fan though her parents do not agree with his chosen profession. His agent called him "The Kid" and he also took on the role as a statesman of the profession in the media and political circles, where he was a supporter of the legalization of gambling. In the interview time, Cada revealed his thoughts on the laws relating to the legality of gambling: "I support the right to play Poker Online. Poker is not gambling melaikan hobbies, activities, games .. It's not about luck but about logic, decision-making, We all need to be able to play poker on the web and rely on mathematical calculations if we want to, and I believe that making illegal strip (poker) it is our rights. This is an important issue (in poker WEB), and can easily be resolved soon "Outside of poker, Cada also play indoor soccer (Futsal). Currently she is considering buying a second home in Las Vegas, and Nevada, and allows him to open a bar in the two cities.

This is the story of a young boy whose 21-year-old who has managed to win playing poker, not half-hearted young man pocketed 8.55 million U.S. Dollars or $ 80 billion, Wow, that's pretty remarkable. At the age of very young boy named Cool Hand Joe or more often called Joe Cada is established him as a young billionaire. The story of Joe Cada's success in poker gambling is reminiscent of the film from director Robert Luketic, the American film titled '21 'movie starring Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, Laurance Fishburne is if no one tells the MIT student success in' counting cards' poker course in order to win this gamble, those clever students in coordinated and funded by one of his teachers taught tricks including playing poker or cheat maen poker, black jack into the goal. Only the difference between Joe Cada with this film, when Joe Cada actually use pokernya playing ability, if in the movie 21, they play poker in a team and using underhanded tricks in playing poker.

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