Biography Jonathan Pradana Mailoa - Champion International Physics Olympiad

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Jonathan Pradana Mailoa born in Jakarta, 20 September 1989 is an Olympic gold medalist in international physics simultaneously champion winning the title of "The Absolute winner" in the 2006 International Physics Olympiad. Couple's first child and the Edhi Mailoa Sherlie Darmawan Jonathan's parents were not scientists backgrounds. They only private employees at a furniture company in Jakarta, Jonathan managed to be the best participant in the competition which followed 386 participants from 83 countries. In International Physics Olympiad 37th held in Singapore on July 8 to 17, 2006,

Jonathan won a gold medal with the highest score in test theory (29.70) and experimental (17.10). He successfully outperformed its main rival of China, Yang Suo Long, who won for the theoretical value of 29.60 and 16.45 for the experiment. Based on these values, Jonathan deserves the title of "The Absolute Winner" (World Champion).

Jonathan besides the title "World Champion", also won a gold medal, "The Best ASEAN Student", and has been named "The Best Experiment Result" (those who have the best skills in the field of experimental physics control). This is the world championship title for the first time Indonesia following the International Physics Olympiad since 1993.
Biography Jonathan Pradana Mailoa-Champion International Physics Olympiad
In IPhO to-37 in Singapore, Indonesia bought four overall gold medals and one silver. Indonesian Physics Olympiad Team (TOFI) won 4 gold medals and 1 silver (from a total of 37 gold medals, 48 ​​silver, 83 bronze and 81 honorary degrees). The gold medal won by Jonathan Pradana Mailoa (SMAK 1 PENABUR Jakarta), Pangus Ho (SMAK 3 Sower CPC Jakarta), Irwan Ade Putra (SMU 1 Pekanbaru), and Andy Oktavian Latif (SMU 1 Pamekasan).

While the youngest participant Indonesia, Muhammad Firmansyah Kasim (SMP Islam Athirah Makassar), won the silver medal. Acquisition of four gold medals than originally targeted only three gold medals. Prof John Surya, TOFI chairman, admitted obtaining information from colleagues, a professor in Norway, that the news was echoed in Europe.

The success of Jonathan and his friends thanks to the guidance of Prof. John Surya. Currently, Jonathan is continuing his education at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), United States. This medal ever since taking part in the event IPhO 1993, and his first absolute winner.

Jonathan interest in the field of physics such as falling from the sky. However at first, parents Jonathan never liked any force field. They give total freedom. And the choice of Jonathan fell on physics. What is clear, Jonathan admitted very close to papa and mama. For teenagers the size of him, the support of parents regarded as an essential requirement in order to be successful. He also appeared as young people in general. "I think I tend to be quiet at school ya." In fact, he claimed to have no homework. "But, while in secondary school," he said with a laugh.

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