Biography of Jorge Lorenzo

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Jorge Lorenzo was born on the Balearic island of Mallorca, Spain on May 4, 1987. He began riding a motorcycle home in the new age of 3 years and a few months later with the bike he took the first race, racing minicross. In 1995 at the age of eight years old, he won the Balearic and then in later years he also won the class, as the class trial, minimoto and junior motocross and he always holds the title.

Lorenzo graduated to road race there and at the national championships in 1997 and did not make it last a long time to move forward, winning the Aprilia 50cc championship in 1998. Because he was too young, there is a special dispensation for him in 2000 that allowed him to compete in the Spanish 125cc series at the age of 13 years and she still made history the following year when competing in Europe and became the youngest driver ever to exist in Europe in the championship class 125cc.

This talented young man, once again showing that age is not a limit to rise to the level range in motor racing championship, and made the world's first stepping Championships with Derbi at the Spanish motorcycle Grand Prix at Jerez in 2002, the third season. He was not allowed to reach the age to 15 to umurnnya a Saturday and he missed a training session Friday to be down in the series, but intention spherical yielded results and he made impress the other participants because it managed to claim a place in the pole position time.
Biography Jorge Lorenzo
Mallorcan Lorenzo comes to race or age right on the next race of the season, won his first 125cc race at the Grand Prix Rio de Janeiro and won the next three seasons, finishing fourth in 2004, before he moved to the motor manufacturer Honda in the quarter-liter class. Earned six podium and four pole positions earned in his first season in the 250cc class gets positioned on the fifth and final point to move to Aprilia team, 2006, he hoped to get a better reputation.

Lorenzo season 2006 expect more, the dominance of the class with eight wins and merekamkan great reputation with ten times the position pole position 10 times. 2007 is a historic time for Lorenzo, and he gets a world title for the second time in the series Sepang. He also became the most successful rider in the 250cc class, as the most successful Spanish rider of all time.

Remove the year 2010 was a time of good fortune for him, especially after the accident happened in the toughest rival Valentino Rossi, it is very easy to waltz up to the forefront. Rossi as his great rival Jorge seems to be making a lot of time studying mengguntit Rossi for joining together with the Fiat Yamaha. All attempts to mensett Rossi Yamaha M1 to be the best has been fully successful. "It's not that I want a fast bike," said Rossi, but stable and agile motor can be used in extreme conditions though, motor racing M1 can become favorite for fall in GP. Lorenzo was of the same opinion, it needs to be a high flying hours nyetting motorcycle racing with this high technology, to join a top team was the first world champion, then I'm sure one day my motor bike use will be the same as the top spot in the arena of MotoGP. My favorite Rossi and Jorge said teacher ..... ".

In 2008 Lorenzo climbed up step by joining MotoGP race with Yamaha, where he partnered with Valentino Rossi in the Fiat Yamaha Team. The combination of a colorful character, Lorenzo was a very cheerful and flamboyant which made it as a popular figure in front of his fans. The fans call it 'X Fuera' .. as a flamboyant fighter.

In the 2009 season Lorenzo getting stronger and mature, he kept close behind Rossi throughout the season, and won the second exit at the end of the season. At the end of the 2009 season did he extend kontarknya with Fiat Yamaha, and is optimistic for the 2010 season with the Yamaha YZR M1.

Personal Data
Name: Jorge
Real Name: Lorenzo Guerrero
Place of birth: Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Date of birth: 04/05/1987
Height: 172cm
Weight: 63 kg.

First bike: Puch 50cc
Books: The Peacefull warriors way, the Michael Jordans biography and The Game
Film: The Noa's diary and The Beach
Music: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sum 41 and Blink 182
Car: Fiat 500
Shoes: Paella
Animals: lions.

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