Biography of Edwin Powell Hubble

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Edwin Powell Hubble was born in Missouri, USA, on 29 November 1889. His childhood was spent in that city until the age of 10 years old when his family moved to Chicago, where he completed his secondary school level pendidikanya up. Her interest in the world of science and the mysteries of the formation of the universe visible from steely hobby books krangan Julius Varne, such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and From the Earth to the Moon, as well as King Solomon's Mines by Henry Rider Haggard.

Nevertheless, better known in his youth as an athlete than his genius. Seven times he became champion and once ranked third in a competition at the school level in 1906. In the same year a record high jump in Illnois successfully solved.

When college Hubble continued his interest in sports by practicing basketball and boxing. Nevertheless, it does not mean he abandoned his studies to graduate on time degree in mathematics and astronomy at the University of Chicago in 1910. Then, he chose to continue studying law at the University of Oxford, England after receiving the Rhodes Scholarship. At that time he did not think for a career in science. Time spent three years to earn a Master of Arts glasses.

Biography of Edwin Powell Hubble
In 1913, Hubble returned to the U.S. and began his career as an attorney with the opening of legal services in Ouseville, Kentucky. He also had a high school teacher and basketball coach at New Albany, Indiana.

These conditions did not last long after he realized that his interest in the field of astronomy is much greater. Therefore, he again studied astronomy and joined the Yerkes Observatory at the University of Chicago to earn his doctorate in 1917.

After military duty in World War I, Hubble worked at the Mount Wilson in California Obsevatorium. There he made many recordings Hooker astronomical telescope 250 inches in diameter. He proved that variable stars are located outside our galaxy and determine the existence of some other galaxies besides the Milky Way, which was developed as a concept of the universe.

Hubble also made calcification system for different galaxies have been observed, one by one berdasrkan set distance, shape, and level pencahayaanya, having regard to decreasing emissions galaxy light, he saw that galaxies are moving away from each other stretcher with a constant ratio of distances. The more distant a galaxy, the greater the speed.

From here he was able to formulate Hubble's Law in 1929, which can be used to memeperkirakan age of the universe. He earned a linear relationship and write it in the formula which states that the speed increase proportional to the distances of galaxies and the Hubble constant which she specified. By measuring the Hubble constant, the age of the universe can be estimated, yaiotu 13-15 billion years.

With Hubble's formula can be obtained that all galaxies were initially converge at a point. Opinion is the proof correctness of the big bang theory (Big Bang). These findings also suggest that the universe is expanding or expanding.

One interesting note of the present invention has to do with Albert Einstein. In 1917 Einstein's General Theory of Relativity introduces the generating model of the universe based on theory and claimed that gravity affected space. Thus, should the universe could have evolved or contract. However, he stated that it was not fair that teorinnya update and stated that the universe still and not move.

With the findings of the Hubble, Einstein realized and said that the revision of the theory of the universe of its own is the biggest mistake of his life. He had visited Hubble in 1931 to thank him. Findings Hubble has revolutionized the field of astronomy. Not only proves the existence of other galaxies, dai managed to show strong evidence that the universe is expanding.

Edwin Hubble died of the Mount Wilson in 1942 to become involved in World War II, in 1946, she was awarded the Medal of Merit for his services greatly to society. He was also in 1948 elected as an Honorary Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford for his contribution to the probe used for the world of astronomy.

After the war ended, Hubble resumed operations at Mount Wilson. At that time, he had a little trouble to do the research so convincing observatory manager to install larger telescopes to study the universe better.

Hubble instrument itself will determine the design of Hale Telescope 500 centimeters in diameter mounted on Mount Palomar observatory. As a tribute, he became the prime users of these tools. At that time he said, "I hope to find something unexpected."

Curiosity of the mysteries of the universe continue to research both at the observatory at Mount Wilson and Mount Palomar. Not yet selesei to prepare a few nights of observation, he died on 28 September 1953 in San Marino, California.

Worth if the best telescope ever built in space and was operated until now been renamed the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) to commemorate his services is very large in the field of astronomy. Since its launch in 1990, HST has produced a stunning portrait space. Although now HST verge uzurnya mas, surely later generations will be born a new telescope that will find something in space beyond belief to discover the secrets of the universe.

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