Biography of Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

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Bacon was born in London in 1561, the son of the high echelon of Queen Elizabeth. When stepping on the age of twelve he went to study in Trinity College in Cambridge, but just three years out so easily without any title clinched. The age of sixteen he began to work briefly in the British Embassy staff in Paris. But so age eighteen in sudden death of the father with only a little money handed. Perhaps this is so, he studied law and at the age of twenty-one he became a lawyer.

Began his political career immediately afterward. Age of twenty-three he was elected a member the Lower Assembly. But, although he had relatives and family upstairs, and in spite of his intellect that stands out, always pushing ascension of Queen Elizabeth on the important and lucrative position. One of the reasons is because of his courage against a parliament's tax plan vigorously supported the Queen. Bacon Life is extravagant, unconventional, and it likes, he constantly besieged by debt debt there here (one had been detained because of non-payment arrangement) he could live independently solve that.

Biography of Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

Bacon's friend and advisor so Prince Essex, a popular young nobleman and had great political ambitions. Instead, Prince Essex Bacon have friends who honestly and thus acts as a protector. But, when Prince Essex have excessive ambition, have led him layout plan a coup to overthrow Queen Elizabeth, Bacon advised him to remain loyal to the Queen. Let it be advised so, Prince Essex daring experiment intention kupnya continue. Evidently Bacon coup failed and hold an active role in the process of claiming the Prince on charges of treason. Prince Essex decapitated head, rolling like marbles. Overall adverse events poses in public against Bacon.

Queen Elizabeth closes age in 1603 and Bacon became a consultant to his successor, King James I. King James I do not always heed the advice of Bacon, although he respected. During the reign of James I, Bacon rapid progress in the rule. Year 1607 so general consultant in the field of law and 1613 he became attorney general. Steps were up there, so in 1618 he was appointed head of the Assembly Higher Education, a position roughly setarap with great judge on the Supreme Court of the United States. In that year he also obtained title "baron" and in 1621 was crowned again so "Viscount", an earl on "baron" but under "Earl."

But, they came to blows. As a judge, Bacon received "gifts" from the accused. Despite this variety is quite common also occur when the fixed anyway is forbidden act. Political opponents in parliament not squandered a good chance to mendepaknya from her chair. Bacon confessed and dijebloskan in prison, located in the "Tower of London," the tower of London. Not only that, he must pay big fines. And not only that, he is prohibited from working in government offices forever. King immediately release from prison and freeing Bacon was slain load. But, with this incident Bacon perished politics.

Now, people can only remember a little of all the examples of class politician arrested for extorting snapper, or some kind of behavior that damage public trust. Usually, often, if those sorts begituan caught, they howl-howl and defend themselves with umbar twiddle that others also same brengseknya, whether penipunya, whether bangsatnya. If howling is heard and received serious, there will be no political bastards who should be punished unless all kind of bastard punished first. Comments Bacon in different confession. She said, "I am the judge terjujur ​​in English for fifty years, and I grumble and artisan craftsmen terpolos criticism in parliament Britain for 200 years."

Active political career and so creative so it seems only have a little time left for other employment-employment. However, the entire Bacon fame so durable, and its place in the list of this book, is because consideration of philosophical writings rather than political activity. First important works is his book titled Essays, first appeared in 1597 and gradually expanded. Essays are written with extraordinary style compact and nice, deep richness of pregnancy, not only in political but also about personal affairs instead. Some typical examples for instance:

Young people are better suited to create rather than take decisions, better suited to act rather than give consideration, more suitable for grasping the new project rather than doing business that is already established ... People aged too often rejected, consult too long, do too little ... Of course if you can combine the good job, because the value contained in each age can straighten lack both attached to the body ...

About young people and age
He had a wife and children who do not have mengenakkan risk in the future.
About marriage and celibate life

(Bacon himself married, but had no children).

But, writing is the most important concerns the philosophy of Bacon knowledge. He planned a great job Instauratio Magna or Great Renewal in six parts. The first section referred to revisit our state of knowledge. The second section of the review outlined a new system of knowledge. Bersisikan third part of the empirical data. Fourth section contains scientific illustration new system in practice. Fifth section offers tentative conclusion. And the sixth of a Synthesis of the knowledge gained from his new method. Not paying surprisingly, this giant scheme - perhaps the most ambitious work since Aristotle - never resolved. But, the book The Advancement of Learning (1605) and Novum Organum (1620) can be considered as the second part of the solution raksasanya work.

Novum Organum or New Instrument probably the most important book of Bacon. The book is essentially a statement of acceptance strengthening empirical method of research. Practice focused entirely on the logic of Aristotle deduktifnya is senseless, down, absurd. It needs a new method of review, an inductive method. Knowledge is not a jumping-off point and the inference therefrom, but knowledge is a place up to the goal. To understand the world, the first person must "observe" it. First, gather the facts. Then, according to Bacon, take conclusions from the facts in a way that logical inductive arguments. Although scientists do not follow Bacon's inductive method in all respects, but the idea is generally the diutarakannya research and experiment so important that complex motion induced from the methods used by them ever since.

The last book is The New Atlantis Bacon, an explanation of the utopian state located on the imaginary island in the Pacific. Although tree story inspired by Utopia of Sir Thomas More, the whole tree problem found in Bacon entirely different book. In the book Bacon, prosperity and justice in the country and ideally depends on a direct result of the convergence of the results of scientific research. By implication, of course, Bacon told. the reader that the use of intelligence in scientific research can make Europe prosperous and happy as any people living in the imaginary island.

People can righteously say that Francis Bacon was the first modern filosof. Overall outlook is secular rather than religious (not to mention he believed in God with unswerving confidence). He was a rationalist and not a person who believes in superstitions: an empirical rather than a dogmatic that logic-mencle mencla. In politics he is a realist and not a teoritikus. With in-depth knowledge and expertise in classical knowledge sastranya strong, he sympathetic to science and technology.

Although he was a loyal British, Bacon had a term outlook far beyond state boundaries. He distinguishes three types of ambition:

First, those who have a taste extend their powers of his own country and a vulgar taste insipid. Second, are those who work on their land, expand power and its control over the population. This will be less good quality though. But, if people are trying to establish and extend the power and domination of human beings in the whole universe, his ambition is not one more second ambition smarter than mentioned here first.

Although Bacon a preacher of science, he is not a scientist, or equivalent to the advances made people sejamannya. Bacon considered totally deserted Napier (who recently discovered logarithms) and Kepler, even Inggrisnya colleague William Harvey. Bacon correctly assumes that "heat is a form of motion," an important scientific ideas. But, in the field of astronomy he dismissed thoughts of Copernicus. It should be remembered, do not try to pass Bacon laws A full and accurate scientific basis. He was just simply trying to pass such observations to be learned. Scientific calculations only means encourage the availability of further discussion, and not a final answer.

Francis Bacon was not the first to discover the meaning of the use of the inductive inference of reason, and he is also not the first person to understand the benefits that may be reaped by the community development knowledge. But nobody ever before Bacon publish and disseminate ideas and sesemangat of it. More than that, partly because of Bacon's such a good writer, and partly because of his fame as a leading politician, Bacon attitude towards science really have great significance. When the "Royal Society of London" (an elite group chosen) was established in 1662 to promote science, its founders say Bacon as a source of inspiration. And when the great Encyclopedie written fashioned "French Renewal," the main contributor writing like Diderot and d'Alembert, also presented a commendation to Bacon inspired his work. Assuming Novum Organum and The New Atlantis somewhat less readable rather than the first, due to the messages conveyed by the book is so widely accepted people.

Bacon worthy than equivalent French filosof Rene Descartes, the other driver figure for future knowledge ahead. Bacon lived before segenerasi from Descartes and Descartes her harder than in the case of the importance of research and experiment peal-experiment. But the important meaning in the case of the French mathematical discoveries make it a bit higher in comparison with Bacon.

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